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    School-age Child
    “Adapt the strokes for your grown-up child. His thigh may now be difficult to hold with one hand, so you may have to knead his thigh and calf muscles with two,” relates Calagui. This bonding activity may also be the perfect opportunity to share stories about your childhood – opening up to your child will encourage him to do the same. “He may also enjoy the massage if he’s lying on his stomach rather than facing up,” says Calagui. “He may feel more comfortable sharing with you this way.”

    Touch therapy can be even more effective if the parents are calm and relaxed. “Massage should always be done one on one,” says Calagui, “and it is important that parents are relaxed when they are giving a massage, or else they will just transfer their anxiety to the child.”


    • Kath Calagui, certified infant massage instructor
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