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  • What If Your Kids' Crazy Inventions Were Real?

    You’ll find out that they actually make sense (well, at least some of them!)
  • We all know that kids say the silliest things. They have no brake pedal (yet) when it comes to speaking their mind. That is also why it's such a delight to hear from them--you get to understand the world through their eyes.

    The same goes for their imagination. There are simply no limits to what they can conjure up in their heads. Take, for example, these kiddie inventions--and see how they would work if they were real.

    After conducting several inventing workshops for children aged four to 12, British designer and inventor Dominic Wilcox asked over 450 kids to come up with ideas for inventions and asked them to draw them. Then, he chose 60 and presented these to manufacturers so they can actually make them come to life. The results are just amazing.

    Here are some of the idea inventions that were chosen:

    Family Scooter by Wendy Ridley, 9

    Inventors! Project family scooter


    Inventors! Project family scooter-real

    Shady Lamp by Layla Amir, 11
    Inventors! Project lamp

    Inventors! Project lamp-real

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    The Backwards Glasses by Alex Didears, 11
    Inventors! Project binoculars

    Inventors! Project binoculars-real

    Pringles hook by Georgia Disley, 11

    Inventors! Project Pringles hook


    Inventors! Project Pringles hook-real

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    Tooth-o-matic by Henry Hughes, 12 

    Inventors! Project toothbrush

    Inventors! Project toothbrush-real


    Wilcox shared that tutor and artist from his school named Charlie Holmes once showed him a book of "strange and thought-provoking" invention ideas, and asked him to think of his own. That's where he got the idea for the INVENTORS! Project. The project was commissioned by the nonprofit organization The Cultural Spring, that aims to get more people in Sunderland and South Tyneside in the U.K. to experience and be inspired by the arts.

    "The children were the stars and I gained so much enjoyment seeing them getting excited about their and other people’s ideas," Wilcox told Bored Panda. "It was important that they were part of the process all the way along so everyone met with the maker of their idea initially. Then some visited the factories and workshops to see it being created. I think the children got a sense that the ideas they have in their head can actually become reality and that anything is possible," he told Huff Post UK.

    Next time your child has an idea, listen, and try your best to make it real for them. You'll never know how far their their imagination will go for real 

    All photos and gifs from inventorsproject.co.uk

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