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  • What Your Kids Need So They Can Learn Better In School

    Their teachers need a good development program, for one.
  • There's no doubt that parents of schoolkids will agree to this: It is important that educators and school administrators are well equipped so they can educate their students better.

    In EdVolution: The Future of Education Expert Series, Brandon Hoover, International School Manila's Director of Technology, posed this question: "How might we prepare our students for the future that is ever-changing?" It was the subject of his talk attended by both private and public school teachers and held last December 6 at The Globe Tower in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

    Hoover discussed how ISM has embraced technology to help both its students and teachers. This year, for example, he brought up an initiative for all elementary teachers to create and maintain Twitter accounts to update themselves on what's happening inside their classrooms in real time.

    Here are some of the key takeaways from Hoover's talk about what teachers can do so that their students can learn better. Parents, you may want to bring these up during the next PTA, and also factor in tech capability when scouting for schools for your child.


    Never stop learning

    As educators, they should be continue learning. Hoovers advised them to attend development programs, so they can connect to their fellow educators not only to build professional networks but also to learn best practices from each other.


    Allow kids to play

    Giving students space to play allows them to be more inquisitive and imaginative. Teachers should let kids experiment and explore, and allow their imagination to takes its course.


    Collaborate beyond the campus

    If the school is lacking in resources, administrators can create an opportunity wherein students from other schools or institutions can interact with their own. They can exchange ideas and learn from another. It's important to leverage the power of getting students together.


    Take advantage of technology

    Introduce students to applications that can help them collaborate and interact faster with each other and beyond. Also, invest in an internet connection that will allow them to do ample research.

    Globe myBusiness helps address these technical needs, therefore also helping with scholastic advancement.

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