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Wooden Blocks That Are Great For More Than Just Stacking? Yes!
  • Parenting now is going back to its roots. While techy toys are still in the market, many parents now are embracing classic toys parents used to play with they were children. They're cheaper than battery-operated ones and they aren't easily outgrown by the child. 

    Say, for example, wooden blocks. Though they don't play music or light up, it offers more than entertainment for the young ones. It helps develop problem-solving skills and aids in creativity--two skills that are important for kids to learn at an early age. There are the alphabet and number wooden blocks and wooden puzzle. Then, there's the good 'ol trusted albeit plastic Lego blocks (granted, this isn't as cheap as we hope it would be).

    But what if there's a wooden equivalent of Lego that lets your child build and be creative?

    Introducing Bokah Blocks. What is it? "They are building blocks made up of only two basic components: a Bokah and a Bendy," according to its website. Bokah are the blocks and they come in different sizes, Longs, Halfys, Smalls and Tinys. It lets you build small and large--the only limit is your child's imagination.

    Bendys have the ability to stretch, pull, bend and twist, and they are used to connect the Bokah blocks together. "These joints can easily bring your seemingly static creations to life. They even allow you to build wearable constructions due to their flexibility, writes Kris Butiong, a contributor at Bored Panda.

    Bokah Blocks and Bendys

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    Look at what these blocks can become--with the help of your child's creativity! 

    Bokah Blocks boy

    Bokah Blocks creations

    Bokah Blocks girlAll photos from bokahblock.com

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    The 100% solid basswood blocks ensures that each piece is strong and durable. Bokah Blocks are the perfect tool to advance the development of spatial skills, cognitive abilities and creative expression of learners. It doesn't just present one type of play--it actually evolves with your child. It gives young and old kids a different play experience. That’s more bang for your buck, too!

    Developmental pediatrician Dr. Maria Isabel Osabel-Quilendrino, has said in a smartparenting.com.ph article: “Toys that are appropriate for small children (at least age 4) are those that appeal to the senses and allow them significant interaction or manipulation given their limited motor capabilities.” While kids could start to use blocks as a way to learn to count and stack, as they grow older, they find more things to do with wooden blocks. The possibilities are just endless.


    To know more about this innovative wooden building blocks, visit its website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

    Feb 12, 2016. “This New Wooden Construction Toy Finally Lets You Do More Than Stack Blocks” (boredpanda.com)

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