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  • Autism is still a mystery not just to ordinary people, but also to experts. Many researchers still don't know the cause behind the condition (several studies suggest autism could already develop in the womb). As scientists search for the best therapy and treatment possible, parents and children with autism as well as other special-needs kids need our support and understanding. Some of the kids go to regular schools, and we need to teach our kids not to discriminate or single them out. Hopefully, these six videos can change the way you see autism. 

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    1 What sensory overload looks like

    In this video made by the U.K. National Autistic Society for their campaign Too Much Information, it shows how a child with autism experiences sensory overload--he responds in terror--by just walking in a shopping center. (huffingtonpost.co.uk)

    2 What a kid with autism wants to tell you

    This moving film Dillan's Voice was made by Apple to celebrate Autism Acceptance Day. Dillan Barmache is a kid with autism who can't speak, but has many things to say--and the Apple iPad, with its augmented and alternative communication app, helps him express his thoughts. The message: his mind just works differently. (mashable.com)

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    3 Why being different is okay

    What Are You Doing? is a short film created by the group Autism Awareness where parents, siblings, and friends of children with autism speak up about the condition. Kids with autism are not diseased, but as one boy said, "They are just beautiful people." (theautismsite.com)

    4 How families cope with autism


    Bill Davis talks about his son Chris, who was diagnosed with severe autism. He and his wife struggled and persevered to surpass the challenges of raising Chris. "If he's happy, if he stops hurting himself, if I could hug him, then that would be the greatest gift in life," Bill said. The father and son were part of Andrew Solomon's book Far From The Tree, for which this 2012 promotional video was filmed. (today.com)

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    5 Why pets could be a big help to some kids with autism

    The short video tells the friendship of Iris Grace, who has autism, and Thula, a Maine coon cat, who has greatly helped improve Iris' social skills and became her second breakthrough when it came to communicating (her first was painting,). Iris mom Arabella said that Thula is more than just a therapy cat for Irish--it is her best friend, too.

    6. Why they're more similar to a normal person that you'd thought

    This video by Sesame Street is a great tool to show people how the dynamics of families living with children with autism isn't so different from the typical household. "Even though it looks a little bit different, in the end, you just want kids to be happy," one mom said.

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    What other parents are reading

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