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Aubrey, Troy Congratulate Daughter Rocket For This 'Major Breakthrough'
PHOTO BY Instagram/rocketmiller01
  • At one-and-a-half years old, a child can hold a toothbrush and allows their teeth to be brushed. He or she starts learning to brush their teeth by age two, and a couple of years later, by age four-and-a-half, they get to master this grooming skill.

    But some children, like those with developmental delays or those on the autism spectrum, take a while longer to learn to brush their teeth with the help of therapy.

    That's why Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero gladly shared the good news of their daughter Rocket Miller reaching that milestone. Rocket is turning 4 in a few days, on December 14, 2022.

    The Fil-Am actor, whose real name is Cody Andrew Garabato Miller II, recently shared a video showing his wife brushing their daughter's teeth. The video is also posted on Rocket's Instagram account that Troy and Aubrey maintain.


    The caption in the identical posts began this way: "Great News! Rocket can now sit through an entire tooth brushing session.

    "We once shared a video of us trying to brush Rocket’s teeth even at school with her teachers. Brushing teeth has always been a challenge for Rocket.

    "Kids on the spectrum are usually hyper sensitive to brushing teeth, combing hair and clipping nails.

    "So this is a major breakthrough for us. Congratulations Rocket on all your progress! Thanks to our awesome therapist, mommy and daddy no longer have to hold you down just to brush your teeth."

    These are the hashtags used in the posts: #asd #autism #asdawareness #autismspectrum #asdawareness @rocketmiller01 #asdtherapy

    (Read here on signs of autism.)

    For her part, Aubrey periodically shares slices of their family life on an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) journey with Rocket.

    She said in the caption of one of her video posts showing her and her daughter in the car: "When you think your life is stressful, hectic, problematic and all that…Here I am parked infront of rocket’s school getting ready for her speech therapy.

    watch now

    She added, "Everyday we dedicate ourlives to our kids. The unconditional love we offer to these little ones. Normal or kids with special needs like rocket, We just give it all, everything we’ve got. The story of my life (everyday) What’s yours?"

    Read here why parents may hold the key to a successful intervention program in autism. 

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