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  • Do you want to know what falling in love looks like? Here it is.

    This is  the video of Jack Jack Foley, a two-year-old non-verbal boy with autism, who just met the love of his life. His mom Amanda wrote on her YouTube post that she “must have cried a thousand times just watching his reaction” to meeting Snow White. Watch:

    "To us he’s very lovable, he’s always been extremely happy, but when it comes to other people, he’s just very shy. If he’s scared of someone he cries. But otherwise, if he doesn’t know someone, he ignores them," mom Amanda said in an interview with Inside Edition

    However, when she and her husband Coley took Jack Jack and his two brothers to Disney World last November, she had expected that her two-year-old wouldn’t be interested in the people he’d meet in the theme park. That is until Jack Jack met Snow White. 

    Jack Jack, who was dressed as Pinocchio, looked to be genuinely enamored by the Disney Princess. He didn’t run away, nor was he scared. Instead, he laid his head on her lap and kept looking at her as if he was in love. Amanda revealed that her son only does that with family.

    "It was so touching for us to have her sit there and react to him… her reaction to him was very sincere and we just felt that was so awesome," Amanda said. The woman dressed as Snow White held Jack Jack’s hand and hugged him--she had no a clue that Jack Jack had special needs. "I would just love for her to know how much this actually meant to us," she added.   

    Until now, Jack Jack still constantly asks to watch his video with Snow White. The North Carolina family plans to come back to Disney World in November.

    All together now…. “Awww!”

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