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  • Video from Speechless with Carly Fleischmann/Youtube

    One talk show host has got us clutching our bellies from laughter. It’s newcomer Carly Fleischmann who runs the show Speechless With Carly Fleischmann. “Speechless”, because 21-year-old Carly has autism and is nonverbal, but that doesn’t stop her from being ridiculously entertaining. 

    For the first episode of her show, Carly sat down with Hollywood actor Channing Tatum, who’s a dad to a 3-year-old daughter and husband to actress Jenna Dewan. She chatted with him using a tablet that read out whatever she typed. 

    You can tell it was going to be a fun interview from the get-go when Carly introduced Channing with “He has been a stripper, a police officer, a secret agent, a reporter, a boyfriend to many, and soon he will dump his wife to be with me” which immediately had the actor in fits of laughter and a flushed face. 

    She then proceeded to hit him with the hard questions ranging from topics such as his struggle with his good looks, his sexual escapades back in his stripper days and his Dirty Dancing moves. The actor, like us, couldn’t stop from chuckling.

    One question that had the actor thinking was, who among his Hollywood friends would he let her daughter date, to which he replied, “It’s so hard! Oh man. None of them!” So that’s a no, Jonah Hill.

    Carly’s sweet but feisty personality is definitely working its charm on us. It’s only been one episode but we’re definitely hooked. Watch the whole of the first episode in video above and see what we mean. 

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