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  • Uh-oh. Here it comes.

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    Amidst the wailing and the whining, we often forget what it is that we really have to do! What was that I read online about how to handle tantrums? Doesn’t the Bible say something like, “Spare the rod, spoil the child?”

    Read our list below to check which among these thoughts have crossed your mind at some point. Plus, get tips on what you can do to handle the situation better.

    1. "I would buy the whole toy store if only my kid would stop crying!"
    Ah, bribery, and the ease with which we can get our child to do anything we ask them to do. But you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket while doing so. Try to offer a reward instead in exchange for good behavior. Say: “We can get ice cream later if you let mommy finish doing the grocery.”

    2. "That mom staring at me must be thinking I am such a bad parent!"
    Yes, she probably is, along with the others whose cold stares you didn’t notice. What you can do: Go to a private area where you can deal with your child in a gentle manner.

    3. Waterfalls. Beach waves.
    Anything that will calm you down. You wish you were hearing that instead of a little child screaming. A good alternative would be to breathe deeply, and imagine you’re coming up for fresh air before talking to your child.

    4. "During my time, I would have gotten a beating by now!"
    Times were definitely different back then. In fact, your parents probably made sure you didn’t even get the chance to throw a tantrum, right? Back to the present: Make sure you and your husband agree on how to discipline your child.


    5. "I wish I had Gru’s freeze ray!"

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    If only you can freeze this moment just so you wouldn’t have to listen to all that crying! All you need is something like what Gru used to get ahead of the line at a coffee shop in "Despicable Me". Or you can be more realistic and ask yourself, what would your mom do if she were in your place?


    6. "Is this worth it? Should I even care?"
    There is the option to ignore the tantrum, but imagine all the attention this wailing child will get, along with his or her deadma mommy. Do choose your battles. Then make a choice between giving in or laying down the law. You can also take the high road and negotiate. (Refer to number 1.)

    7. "A wrecking ball will come charging at this scene and this will soon be over."
    We sure hope it’s not swinging at you with Miley Cyrus sitting on it! Seriously, tantrums can be prevented if you know how to read the signs. So squash it before it even happens: If your child seems to be hungry, offer a snack. If tired, offer to rest for a bit at the nearest lounge.

    8. "I wish I could teleport myself to a Maldives beach villa."
    Or atop the Grand Canyon. Or to a suite in Burj Al Arab. Of course, unless a wonder machine has been invented by the time you are reading this, this is impossible. Try this instead: Count to ten as you catch your breath and clear your mind to figure out the best way to handle the situation.

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    9. "This is definitely not something I’d post on Facebook!"
    But who cares, right? You still have that pretty DIY project you did with your child last weekend – get that post up, pronto! No one shares a video of their kids sprawled on the floor of a mall, bawling their eyes out, anyway.

    10. "Where in the world is Mary Poppins when you need her?"

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    It takes more than a spoonful of sugar to make a tantrum go away, but hey, time to get real: No one but you can solve the problem at that precise moment. So take charge!

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