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  • Positive Parenting: 10 Phrases that will Make your Child Listen

    Your child will be more attentive and will be more likely to follow if you use positive words instead.
    by Vania Padilla-Edralin .
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    Ever catch yourself always beginning sentences with “Don’t…” or “Stop…” when talking to your kids? It’s a very common thing for moms to be saying these same lines over and over again with little or no effect at all. So before frustration and exasperation set in, think about trying a different approach. When dealing with determined kids, an effective way of getting your message across is using positive reinforcement.

    Here are 10 common “nay” statements that can be turned to “ayes”:

    1. Instead of “Don’t do that!”
    Try “Mommy would be happy to see you do this instead.”

    2. Instead of “Stop crying or else!” or “Don’t be a cry baby.”
    Try “I know that you felt bad about what happened, Mommy is here to help you.”

    3. Instead of “I’m busy.”
    Try “I want to play with you. Mommy just needs to finish something important and then we can play.”

    4. Instead of “Hurry up!” or “Move faster!”
    Try “Can Mommy help you with what you are doing?”

    5. Instead of “Stop that!”
    Try “If you continue to do that, you might hurt yourself.”


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