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  • Raising Good Boys: The 5 Values you Need to Teach your Son

    We all want to raise sons who will become good members of the society in the future. These values are a good starting point.
    by Emilie N. Lucena .
  • 4. The value of confidence  
    Many parents think that heaping praises on their son will produce confidence and self-esteem. Praising is a great tool to motivate but praising too much and too often will result to either of these two scenarios: a boy who will think that he is always right, or someone who will always be unsure of himself without approval from other people. Praise his efforts in a specific manner. It will give him insights on what his true strengths are. Encourage him so he’ll gain confidence in doing difficult tasks.  

    How do you help your son develop confidence? One way is to get him involved in something he is clearly interested in. He will be motivated to do well if he does activities he likes. Get him also to try a variety of activities so he can learn what he likes and dislikes, where he is talented in and what he eventually wants to pursue. Perhaps he will enjoy soccer over basketball or want to take guitar lessons instead of learning to play the piano. Get him into reading books as books can widen one's horizons. Don’t utter the phrase “boys will be boys” because it undervalues their abilities and limits their horizon in exploring what they are capable of doing. Be affectionate and show them your encouragement and love. Have your son grow up knowing that you believe in them and their unique abilities.

    5. The value of being prayerful
    Wouldn’t you like to raise a son who has an unwavering faith in God? Start by praying together as a family. Try asking your son to lead some of the prayers and say it in his own words. Make it a daily habit and your son will grow up to be a prayerful person.  
    You can also strengthen his belief in a Higher Being by reading bible stories together so that your son can learn more about God and the values He teaches. Share your own stories too. Tell him how your faith helped you in your own life. Raising a son who is able to integrate faith in all that he does will help him face the challenges that come his way and guide him in choosing the right thing to do.  
    Photo by Jun Pinzon

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