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    The internet is a treasure trove of resources and you can find various websites that offer printable worksheets that your child can answer and practice with at home. For parents who homeschool their child, these websites are a jewel and they can make the task so much easier. For parents who send their child to a regular school, these websites can greatly assist in providing help if your child is struggling with some concepts or in boosting your child’s skills if he is finding the materials in school easy.

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    Here are a few of the best websites where you can get free worksheets that you can print and your child can have fun with.

    1. SchoolExpress.com
    This website offers 17,000+ worksheets that are free for you to download and print. One of the things that make SchoolExpress.com different from other websites that offer free worksheets is its Thematic Units feature. Thematic unit worksheets are received by subscribing to the site’s email list. When you want to save on paper and ink, you can make use of the site’s online worksheets which are free for your child to answer.
    Best features:
    - Thematic Units and Activity Fun Workbooks (via email subscription)
    - Worksheets by topics or themes
    - Worksheet generator

    2. Worksheets.TheTeachersCorner.net
    If your child is into puzzles, this website offers a generator that lets you create different kinds of puzzles and worksheets. Although built with teachers in mind, The Teachers Corner is a great resource too for parents looking to let their child practice at home. The website also offers lesson plans for various subjects, seasonal items, and bulletin board ideas. There is also a section on thematic units that lists various resources for each thematic unit, so you can also discover other websites that provide great resources.
    Best features:
    - Thematic units
    - Puzzle maker (crossword, word search, word scramble, Sudoku, maze, etc.)
    - Lesson plans, bulletin boards, and seasonal worksheets

    3. TheGoMom.com
    This site is actually a blog by a Filipino work-at-home-mom, Lilian. She shares worksheets she has made for her 3 kids. Although you will not be able to find thousands of worksheets on her site, what she offers are definitely good ones and follows the grade levels according to the Philippine education system. Worksheets for subjects that are offered only in Philippine schools such as Filipino and Social Studies are the site’s gems.
    Best features:
    - Filipino and Social Studies worksheets
    - Worksheets by grade level and alphabetical

    4. JumpStart.com
    This site is a breeze to browse through because of the way it provides navigation to its thousands of worksheets. From the home page, you can go to the School resources tab and choose to browse by grade level, by subject, by holiday, or by topic. JumpStart.com offers worksheets from preschool to 5th grade levels and even allows teachers and parents to submit worksheets they’ve done. You can also find games, activities for kids, lesson plans, curricula, and useful articles for parents.
    Best features:
    - Worksheets by grade level, subject, and topic
    - Worksheet submissions
    - Lesson plans and curricula

    5. SamutSamot.com
    While there are numerous websites offering free worksheets for math, science, and reading, those that offer Filipino worksheets are only a handful. Although SamutSamot.com has a few science and preschool worksheets, the site’s main offering are its worksheets for Filipino and Araling Panlipunan. Created by a Filipino mom who homeschooled her child, the site is actually a blog with posts dating back to 2011. With over four years of posts in its timeline, finding specific worksheets can be a bit difficult as there is no detailed category list to help visitors find specific worksheets. However, the rarity of good Filipino worksheets online makes it worth it to use the blog’s search button or to go through the archive.
    Best features:
    - Worksheets for Filipino and Araling Panlipunan
    - Answer keys in the worksheets
    - Worksheet topic suggestions (accepts suggestions for worksheets through comments on the blog’s About page)

    6. Turtlediary.com
    This website is one that can easily be used even by young kids with its colorful design, large easy-to-read fonts, and simple navigation. The worksheets can be browsed by topic, by grade level, or by subject. The site focuses not only on math, language arts, and science, but also offers games, videos, lessons, crafts, and experiments.
    Best features:
    - Kid-friendly interface
    - Worksheets by topic, grade level, and subject
    - Games, videos, lessons, crafts, and experiments

    7. Kidzone.ws
    What this website lacks in design, it makes up for with the variety of worksheets it provides. From math, phonics, and reading, to creative writing, geometry, science, and geography, you can be sure to find something that your child can use. Kidzone.ws also has thematic units and magic tricks which any child will find fun and interesting. The site offers free worksheets for preschool to grade five.
    Best features:
    - Worksheets for wide variety of topics
    - Thematic units
    - Magic tricks

    8. PrimaryResources.co.uk
    Oftentimes, the best resource is a community and this is exactly what this website is. All the free worksheets are uploads by teachers and parents who are willing to share their worksheets. Because of the variety of the sources of these worksheets, the topics and styles are just as varied. The website has been around since 1998, so there is a massive number of worksheets available. Since the website basically contains worksheet contributions, feel free to add your own worksheets too.
    Best features:
    - Worksheets on various topics and with various styles
    - Worksheet contributions

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