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    Most experts agree that the best way to raise your child to be a reader is to read aloud to them every day. By providing a literacy-rich environment and making reading a part of your children’s day, you would already be naturally cultivating a love for reading and learning. Helping them to love the world of books is much more important than teaching them the mechanics of reading.

    If your child is already eager to read, though, you can tap children’s natural love for play to gently introduce and reinforce reading concepts. We have selected ten toys for you to help you teach your child the alphabet, as well as to introduce simple spelling and writing. Learning how to read, especially in the early years, should not be a rigid process. Check out these three categories of toys:

    Alphabet toys are necessary because recognizing the letters of the alphabet is one of the first steps to reading. 


    Spelling toys are just as important because knowing that letters form words is the next step after mastering letter names and sounds.

    Writing toys, which teach writing along with reading, is recommended in order for children to form motor memory of the letters. Writing is not just about using paper and a pencil though!

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