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  • 5 Benefits of Letting Your Child Join A Playdate

    These are the best ways to help your child get along with others.
  • It can be absolutely tempting to keep your child at home. You know he is safe there and you know exactly what's going on with him. But your little one will not grow and learn if you keep him cooped up at home. One of the best ways to introduce the real world to your child is by taking him to a playdate.

    In a playdate, you can let your child have fun with other kids his age in a controlled and safe environment. It can also be a way for you to observe your child and see how he is around other people. Playdates can be especially nice and helpful when you have a shy child. Invite one to two of his best buddies and arrange a playdate at a park or playground. You'll be surprised at the number of benefits your child can get from mingling with other kids. 

    Here are a few:

    1. He learns how to share

    Your child is bound to learn important life lessons when you let him join playdates - like the value of sharing, which will help him become more caring and considerate. Most kids, especially the younger ones, find it hard to share their toys with others. So ease your little one into sharing what he has by letting him choose which ones he would like to keep for himself and which ones he's okay to share.

    2. He discovers more about himself

    At playdates, your child will discover what he likes and what he's good at. Give your child the opportunity to try his hand at a lot of things to help him discover which ones he likes best. Encourage your kid to be open to new things so that he will learn more about what's around him. Let your child know that it's okay to explore, and that he is in a safe place to wander.

    3. He learns to be more trusting

    While teaching them "stranger danger" is a good thing, exposing your little one to other caregivers and friends will help him put his trust in others, and help shape his view that the world is filled with good people.

    4. He learns to be a part of a team

    When you encourage your child to be a part of a team, he learns to value other people's opinions. He will understand what it means to put himself in someone else's shoes. Watch how your child deals with others: Does he listen well? Does he voice out his opinions? Does he have leadership potential, or is he more of a follower?

    5. He learns to be independent

    Surprisingly, playdates encourage independence, since your child will have a choice on what to do or who to play with, helping him think for himself and not be swayed by anyone else's opinions. Almost as important as knowing how to be a team player is for your child to learn how to be strong enough to stand on his own two feet, form his own opinion, and just simply do his own thing!


    How do you plan a good playdate?


    Choose simple activities that all kids will enjoy

    If you're planning your first playdate, choose an activity that everyone will be on board with, like being in a playground or in someone's house, where they can just bring their own toys or art materials.

    Limit playdates to an hour

    Anything more than an hour will feel like an eternity for the parents involved, plus the children might start to feel restless and lose interest in what they're doing.

    Start with a small group, and then work your way to a larger number

    Your child might feel overwhelmed by a big group of kids, especially if he's not familiar with some of the faces. Start with some one-on-one interaction with a good friend of his, and then add to that number gradually.

    Pack all the essentials

    Bring a change of clothes and diaper if needed, a small towel, a mosquito repellant, snacks enough for your child and for sharing, some baby wipes, and a big bottle of Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water, which is both safe and healthy for your family. Wilkins undergoes 8 stages of purification. It is internationally tested, certified and recommended by doctors to help you make sure your family only drinks safe water.

    Got fun playdate ideas in mind? Share them here!


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