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  • Read on for more tips on how to keep your preschooler entertained during long car trips.


    And now, let’s discuss the actual games and toys that will help keep our kids occupied and us sane during the trip:

    Tip No. 2 – Play games that are fun and can be educational at the same time.

    Some suggested games are:
    •    Rock, Paper, Scissors (or the Filipino version Bato, Bato, Pick)
           o    Explain the properties of each “item” and why one “wins over” the other. For example, scissor         blades are made of sharp metal/material and can cut paper, rocks are hard and solid and cannot be cut by scissors, etc. Click on the link for instructions on how to play and other fun trivia about this classic children’s game.

    •    What Animal Am I?
          o    Our preschooler has been fascinated with animals ever since he was 7 months old, when we started showing him picture books and educational videos about animals. We usually play this game during long and short car rides and it has different variations.
          o    We take turns asking “What animal am I?” Then we give clues about that certain animal that we have in mind. For example, I would ask “What animal am I? I have big ears, a long trunk and I go “aaaaaa” (mimicking an elephant trumpeting). This usually keeps kids occupied for about 10 minutes.
          o    You can vary the game by asking “What animal makes this sound?”, “What is the name of this animal’s baby?”, “What food does this animal like?”, “Where does this animal live?” etc.
          o    Tip: Try to assess your kids’ level of understanding then adjust the “rules” of the game accordingly.

    •    I Spy
    o    This is a classic travel game that can also help teach your preschooler his letter sounds (phonics), colours, etc. The game goes like this:

    • One person in the car looks around and chooses an object. The guessers are given one clue: "I spy with my little eye something that is (then say the first letter of that object’s name, or the object’s colour, or another clue of your choice)".
    • The guessers then try to find out the name of the object. Whoever guesses correctly gets to choose their own object and says the “I spy” line.
    • For example: “I spy with my little eye something beginning with the letter P.” (Answer: Pillow.) To make things a little easier for our little ones, we usually add other clues, like “something beginning with the letter P, and it’s soft, and we use it in the car when we’re sleepy, etc”
    • Important: Set the rules before playing the game to avoid the kids throwing tantrums or feeling that the game is being played unfairly. Example: Players can’t choose something that we pass by too quickly; objects must be within the car or far enough in the distance to be within sight for a few minutes.

    There are a lot of other games and activities that you can do to keep your kids entertained on road trips.  

    Here are some helpful links:
    •    Momsminivan.com
    •    Fun Roadtrip Games Info
    •    27 Free Gamse to Keep Your Kids Entertained on a Road Trip


    Click here to read on for more tips on how to keep your preschooler entertained during long car trips.

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