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  • 7 Tips for Protecting your Child this Rainy Season

    The weather can take its toll on your children's health. Keep them sickness-free with these handy tips.
  • smiling in the rainFor moms and dads, the rainy season means being on guard to prevent kids from getting sick. These simple tips and precautionary measures can help you keep your children healthy and protected:

    1. Send kids off to school with proper rain gear. Having umbrellas, raincoats, and rain boots is a must for your kids during rainy days to protect them from getting soaked in the rain, and from being exposed to rain water flowing in the streets, which might be contaminated with various bacteria.
    2. Empty or cover water containers. Dengue-causing mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. That’s why it is necessary to empty or cover water containers around the house to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in them, thereby lowering the risk of your kids being bitten.
    3. Keep your surroundings clean. Keeping your surroundings extra clean during the rainy season prevents rodents, mosquitoes, other disease-causing insects from breeding and swarming around your home. This is also a way to help prevent flooding, which brings bacteria-contaminated water that can be harmful to your kids.
    4. Make sure your kids drink only clean water. A number of diseases, like diarrhea and cholera, are caused by intake of contaminated water. Always make sure that children drink water that’s clean and safe to avoid infections and water-borne diseases.
    5. Guide children on proper hand washing. Teaching kids about proper hand washing can help protect  them against germs and viral infections transmitted through contact with infected people.
    6. Seek your doctor’s advice on vaccinating your kids. Bring your kids to the doctor and seek advice on getting the right vaccinations to boost their immune system against common childhood illnesses.
    7. Give your kids healthy foods for proper nutrition. Provide your children with all the nutrients they need to strengthen their immune system. As your child’s immune system improves, he’ll stay protected against rainy day illnesses. See to it that your child eats healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, and fish. Drinking milk with probiotics can also help build his body’s defenses.

    Try these helpful tips and let your child discover more valuable things in the real world because when your children are protected to explore, they can learn more.


    Photo from sxc.hu

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