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8 Things You Can Just Choose To Let Slide
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    It might be a cliché but this classic quote still holds water: "Do not sweat the small stuff!" And it can't be truer than ever when you become a mom.

    Sure, we all want the best for our kids. We all strive to be the best mom we can be. But reality strikes, and really, we are not in control--and there's else you can do but let go.

    But which one to make a big deal and which one to let slide? Of course, when you talk about a life and death situation--both for your child or other--you get up and stand your ground. If it's a safety risk, then, by all means, go full force.

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    Still, there is so many things in the world that are so much more important and much deserving of our time and energy. These things, for example, you can choose to let them go and take it up with your tot at another time.

    1. Mixed-match clothes
    Your toddler is learning to make decisions and one of the safest way to let him practice that is with the clothes he chooses to wear. Never mind that his outfit doesn't really match your taste. Don't cramp his style. You can show him some pegs next time and see if he likes them.

    2. Mealtimes
    You’ve definitely heard this before: Your child will eat when he's hungry. While it’s nice to have a routine, it’s more than okay to shake things once in a while. Try to be flexible when he's usual routine is thrown off by a birthday party. If he doesn’t want to eat, try again after 30 minutes.

    3. Eating his greens
    We’re not saying it's okay not to eat fruits and veggies--of course, not; it's part of eating. But, sometimes, you'd need much more pizazz to encourage them to eat and finish them. It takes a few tried before a child actually tries a new type of food, what more like it. Try these tips!

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    4. Cleaning up
    Yes, it's important to learn to pack away. Also sometimes, kids learn best through experience. Let them leave their Lego scattered on the floor and they might just learn the value of packing away when they accidentally step on one of them.

    5. Nap times and bed time
    As your tot is growing up, he would need less naps to allow him to sleep well through the night. Similar to mealtimes, you can play this by the ear. Sometimes, they fall asleep on their own when they're really tired. But let’s try not to make that a habit.

    6. Extra screen time
    The American Academy of Pediatrics recently released more relaxed guidelines for kids' screen time. It really depends on how you family uses technology. Rules are good, but it probably wouldn't hurt if screen time is spent with you also engaging your child.

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    7. Saying sorry
    For starters, don't force your child to say sorry even if it's his fault. What you can do is help him realize that he did wrong and then he’s apologize in his own time. Forcing him to say sorry is nothing but a blank promise. Make it a teaching moment--and it'll be more heartfelt.

    8. Grades
    Children learn through play and grades are just a number (or a letter, in some cases). While it's great if your child gets golden scores on his tests or school work, the most important thing is that he enjoys learning. Your child's achievements, or lack of it, is not the be all and end all of your parenting.

    When choosing your battles, take back and remember what's most imporant to you in raising your kids. That should help you decide when to let go of the small things or delay and tackle it another time. At the end of the day, if you and your children are safe, well, and happy, we say you've done a good job! So take your leave and recharge for another day.

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