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  • First- Time Parents’ Preschool FAQs: What to Bring, What to Wear

    Sending children off to school for the first time is no easy task, especially for first time parents.
    by Monika Susan Fabia .
  • 1. What should my tot bring with her to preschool?

    As a general rule, parents should make sure that their child has extra clothing, towel and/ or diapers, and water. His medical information sheet and contact details should be included as well, since teachers usually collect these on the first day. If your child will be picked up late, add extra snacks in case he gets hungry by dismissal time.


    2. Are there any things that my child should not bring to school?

    Gadgets and gaming consoles should be left at home, as these can distract your child (and others) while in class.


    3. What about clothing? What should my preschooler wear?

    girl with school uniform


    For schools that do not require uniforms, cotton shirts or blouses, light pants or shorts, sandals or sneakers—basically non-prohibitive clothing that will allow your child to fully participate in both indoor and outdoor activities—are ideal.


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