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  • Make Online Schooling With Your Child More Fun With Delicious Breaks!

    Both you and your child will benefit from having recess!
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Make Online Schooling With Your Child More Fun With Delicious Breaks!
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  • Online schooling or distance learning is our new normal for the foreseeable future. This is the reality that we, parents, have to face head-on. Because we want what’s best for our kids, we will have to step up and be more hands-on.

    But in our eagerness and commitment to be our child’s teacher, there is one thing about online schooling or distance learning that we must not forget: the importance of having a break.

    Yes, recess at home matters!

    According to an educator at the University of South Florida, parents who are doing online learning with their kids are recommended to “mirror” the frequent class breaks on a typical school day. He explains that these breaks are “a key component” to help students focus on their studies.

    A study has also found that cramming just doesn’t work, especially in the long term. Experts have found that “massing” (or cramming everything about a lesson in a single session) actually lowers the student’s ability to retain knowledge.

    And this was true whether the students were learning vocabulary words or math. Having breaks, spacing out lessons, and introducing various activities actually help them learn and perform better.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics also affirms this. It believes that “recess is a crucial and necessary component of a child’s development and, as such, it should not be withheld for punitive or academic reasons.”

    Here are some of the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical benefits of breaks, according to the AAP:

    • Unstructured playtime allows kids to learn through exploration and real-life experiences.
    • Breaks away from the classroom help kids become more focused and attentive when they go back to learning.
    • Recess encourages kids to socialize, helping them develop lifelong social and communication skills.
    • It also gives kids space to breathe and relax, helping them manage their stress.
    • Breaktimes also allow for physical activity, which helps them develop motor skills, stay fit, and uplift their mood.

    Moms and dads, it’s not just the kids who will benefit from breaks. You need it, too!

    Here are some ideas on what you and your child can do:

    1. Stand up and stretch

    Since you and your child will most likely be seated for long periods, take this opportunity to move, stretch, and even play. The World Health Organization actually encourages parents to allow their kids to do active play when it recently rolled out its guidelines for physical activity for children below age 5.

    Sedentary behavior is learned, so while kids are young, parents should encourage them to practice healthy and positive habits.

    2. Have a snack date

    Studies have shown that kids don’t learn well on an empty stomach. Children need food to stay focused and energetic when studying, so make sure to include snack breaks in your kids’ daily schedule.

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    3. Catch up and connect

    Turn off or put those screens in sleep mode during the break. Use this time for some personal one-on-one or kwentuhan with your child. Get a feel for how they’ve been feeling about or adjusting to the new normal.

    This is your chance to connect with your child and strengthen your relationship and bond. For sure, he or she will appreciate having your ear and attention, especially during this time.

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