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6 Delightful Storybooks on Manners to Read to Your Preschooler
PHOTO BY Lampara Books, First Time Books
  • Parents are their children's first teacher. As kids, it is at home that we spoke our first words and learned to count. The first song we hummed was the lullaby our moms sang, and we also learned our first antics as kids at home. 

    As parents, we sometimes forget that we also teach our kids a subliminal lesson in our day-to-day interaction with our them: being well-mannered individuals. We not only teach them what to say—we also illustrate how to say it nicely. We not only teach a song, we show them how to sing it with grace. We not only teach them "Please" and "Thank you," we demonstrate how to do it sincerely by example. The world is so much better because of parents who teach their kids good manners. 

    If you need help instructing your children in that department, here are a few stories that would be lovely to read with them. 

    1. Ang Kapuri-puring Kuting

    Written by Eugene Y. Evasco / Illustrated by Dominic Agsaway

    PHOTO BY Lampara Books

    Kittens are an adorable bunch, and if they could talk, they would probably be very polite. The central character in this book is a kitten who particularly knows how to say "Thank you," and greets everybody. She's a perfect example on how to be nice to others and how to control one's temper. It's an easy read for reading beginners.

    2. Madeline says Merci

    Written by John Bemelmans Marciano

    PHOTO BY Scholastic

    "It all comes down to being kind," this well-loved character from Paris reminds us. Madeline teaches kids like her how to be polite at all times, whether you're talking to humans or pets. She also highlights the importance of showing appreciation for people, or saying sorry if you accidentally hurt them. With the help of Miss Clavel and the rest of the girls, Madeline teaches—with a little dose of humor—important values like kindness a little lady must have. 

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    3. Grover's Guide to Good Manners

    Written by Constance Allen

    PHOTO BY Golden Books

    If you have a little one who loves Sesame Street, then Grover might be the best puppet to teach him manners. In his usual charming way, Grover shows how one should act in different social situations, and gives examples on how to use lines such as, "May I be excused?" or "Would you like to sit down?" which young minds will find easy to emulate. 

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    4. Salamat Po

    Written by Russell Molina / Illustrated by Tokwa S. Peñaflorida

    PHOTO BY Chikiting Books
    One gets better with repetition, and this is true especially when teaching good manners. In this book, the little child learns how to be grateful for the blessings that come his way by saying "Salamat po". Gratitude sounds so much better when spoken from the heart.


    5. The Berenstain Bears Forget their Manners

    Written by Stan & Jan Berenstain

    PHOTO BY First Time Books

    Losing one's manners can happen almost unnoticed, Mama Bear now knows. One time you just forget to say "Thank you." Another time, there might be a little push without an "Excuse me." This went on until she's had enough, so one day Mama Bear put together a "politeness plan" for the whole family. But guess who had the hardest time complying?

    6. Say the Magic Word

    Written by Marc Brown



    This interactive book makes learning manners fun! With its design, it will be easy to coax the little one into saying "Please" and "Thank you". Beautiful illustrations will keep your child engaged!

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