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  • Find Comfort and Love in This Teacher's Message When Christmas Becomes Toxic

    Kids care less about gifts, moms and dads.
    by Rachel Perez .
Find Comfort and Love in This Teacher's Message When Christmas Becomes Toxic
  • Christmas is arguably the most anticipated event of the year — perhaps the most toxic season for parents. There's the holiday decorations, planning and cooking meals, and searching for the perfect gifts for your kids. However, a teacher and mom of two, who goes by the handle @andgreenandblue on Instagram, shares a secret all moms and dads need to know. It can save you from stressing out this festive season.

    Natalie Green, an early education teacher in the U.K., addressed parents who are most probably up to their necks with things to do for the holiday celebrations right now.

    "I'm writing to tell you that every January when your child comes back to school, they tell me all about the Christmas holidays," the mom of two kids wrote. She went on to list what her students shared with her when asked what they did during the Chrismas vacation.

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    There were days when everyone stayed indoors and watched TV or snuggled on their parents' bed while in pajamas. The children told stories about walking in the freezing cold to go to a McDonald's or about the trips they took with their parents.

    Natalie found out she had students who loved staying at their grandparents' place, waiting excitedly for their parents to come back after work. Some kids also remembered playing cards, going swimming, and spending New Year's Eve at a friend's place and staying up all night to catch the fireworks.

    Natalie then says what we should always remind ourselves when we get so exhausted this season.


    "They mention their gifts, but for them, Christmas is you and your love and time and routines and feeling safe." the teacher wrote. 

    She ended it with, "You are their favorite thing. Merry Christmas!"

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    This is but another proof that kids remember more the times they spend with their parents than any other material possession. They're less stressed and feel more secure with you. They prefer going on vacation and traveling with their family, and this precious time together becomes their happiness anchors into adulthood.

    So, slow down and decorate your home or bake a cake together — they don't have to be perfect. Sleep in and snuggle during a cold morning. Order at your kid's favorite takeout place. Bring your kids to Christmas parties and play the dame games. Be silly and have fun with your children. As Natalie says in another post about family holidays, "Lower expectations, lower the amount of activities we partake in and accept that someone will cry at some point each day. Purposefully increase the amount of hugs, kisses, ice lollies and biscuits available."

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    At the end of the day, all your children want for Christmas is you.

    What other parents are reading

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