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    Alignay adds that a child’s behavior depends on the home environment and understanding the context of the child’s behavior, depending on the environment he is in, is key. Alignay gives the following tips:

    Get to know your child.

    Just because we are the ones who bore them into this world doesn’t mean that we already know them well. In getting to know one’s child, it is important for parents to look at these areas:

    • Child’s personality type and temperament (easy, slow-to-warm-up, difficult, etc.)o His learning style and his innate intelligence (based on multiple intelligence)
    • His interests
    • His strengths and weaknesses
    • His developmental needs —the needs and traits of the child based on the stage of development he is in.

    Spend more time with your child.

    Be in tune with what he dislikes and likes, his insights, and get to know his friends in school. This will give him a sense of importance, and will strengthen the parent child relationship.

    Develop and model social skills…

    in particular, expected rules of behavior both in school and at home. Teach them to be empathic and to treat others, whether kids or adults, with respect.

    Communicate with your child.

    Make it a point to use a tone and manner that encourages him to speak to you and share with you his innermost insights.

    Cooperate with the school.

    When it comes to your child’s conduct/behavior. Be open when teachers raise a concern and address it in a manner that will be for the child’s development. Solicit feedback and suggestions and get more help from a counselor or specialist if the behavior is beyond the management of the resources available. If parents and educators work consistently together, the child may gain a better understanding of the behavior that is expected of him in any setting he may find himself in.

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