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  • This Fun Game Will Improve Your Child's Handwriting (and Maybe Yours, Too!)

    The handwriting game can also be a light and silly bonding activity for the entire family!
    by Kate Borbon .
This Fun Game Will Improve Your Child's Handwriting (and Maybe Yours, Too!)
  • Now that summer is already underway, most (if not all) kids are looking forward to playing the day away without having to worry about school or homework. But just because school is out doesn’t mean parents shouldn’t still try to encourage their children to practice what they had learned in school, such as penmanship, younger students.

    There are many reasons why children may not be as keen to practice their penmanship. It could be because they find it boring, or because they are not that confident with their skills, or because they’re just not interested. Nevertheless, it is still important to motivate them to practice their handwriting, since it is a skill necessary for studying.

    If you’re having a hard time getting your preschooler interested in practicing his penmanship, here is a game that you might find helpful. It’s called The Handwriting Game,’ and here’s how it works.

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    1. Prepare the necessary materials

    Preparing for this simple game won’t take too much time or energy. All you need is several sheets of blank paper (preferably lined), markers, pens, or pencils, and a flat writing surface.

    2. Teach your child the mechanics of the game

    After giving your child a sheet of paper and a writing instrument, ask him to help you come up with a simple sentence which you will be using for the game. Short ones like “Today is a sunny day” can work. You and your child will be writing this sentence on your respective sheets of paper with you using your non-dominant hand. After you both finish writing, compare your works and determine whose is more legible.

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    3. Add as many rounds as you want

    For the subsequent rounds of the game, increase the level of difficulty for the adults playing. For instance, maybe they will be writing using their non-dominant hands and with their eyes closed. You might also want to try other funny things like using your mouth or even your toes to manipulate the writing instrument. All the while, your child will continue writing normally, therefore allowing him to practice his handwriting.

    4. Just have fun!

    Aside from being a fun way to get your child to practice his penmanship, ‘The Handwriting Game’ can also be an entertaining activity for the whole family. The entire point of the game is it provides a lighter approach to an activity that many kids may not enjoy, so don’t be afraid to joke around and laugh with one another, and maybe even look silly!

    What other parents are reading

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