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  • Healthy Habits for Happy Homework

    Is it always a challenge to make your child finish her homework? Try these tips!
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    A lot of us moms struggle between telling our kids do their assignments while still encouraging them to make their own choices. It would be great if our kids came home excited to do their homework, but that’s nearly impossible.

    Is there anything we can do to help them focus better in school? Of course! Nothing will work instantly but try these tips for size and the results might surprise you.

    1. Experiment with routines
    Know what works best for your child. If you see that it’s better for him to go straight to working on his assignments, go for it. But if you feel that your child will be able to concentrate more after clearing his mind, by all means, let him. Maybe step outside together to play some games or even watch a TV show together. Just always remind your kid of the responsibilities so he won’t get carried away.

    2. Don’t dictate, communicate
    Telling your kids exactly what you want them to do won’t work anymore because kids know when to speak up. The next time your kid questions your requests, don’t be shocked. Instead, explain things to them and ask them for their opinions. It’s to make them feel that you aren’t only their parent, but someone whom they can open up to and have conversations with.

    3. Encourage play
    Physical activity is as good for kids’ brains as it is for their bodies. Even just a few minutes of outdoor play with friends or walking the dog can pay off. Children are children and they need to be able to have fun and take a break from all the school-related learning.

    4. Get involved
    When kids are doing their homework, try to be present as much as possible. One reason is to answer questions they might have, and another is because they’ll feel more confident knowing that you’re there to support. It also makes your kid feel good if you tell them they did a great job after figuring out something challenging.

    5. Be a good example
    Kids look up to us and therefore imitate almost everything we do. For example, if we panic because we’re running late, it’s hard to expect our children to be calm and focused. When you’re around them, do act the way you want them to act.

    6. Energize early
    Giving kids the right kind of breakfast is an easy way to give them energy and keep them concentrated. A delicious and healthy option is whole grain breakfast cereal. It’s a good source of nutrients that will jumpstart your child’s day the right way.

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