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  • After experiencing distance learning this school year, you may have given homeschooling a thought as the pandemic continues in the country. It is steadily gaining popularity as an alternative to the traditional setup because it gives parents more flexibility and control over what their kids are learning.

    However, it might still be hard to find reliable support especially if you're still new to the concept. Luckily, with the homeschooling comunity growing bigger, Pinay moms have also started sharing their experiences online.

    5 homeschooling blogs in the Philippines

    Here's a list of homeschooling blogs that you can follow to help you with your journey, whether you're a newbie or transitioning from traditional to homeschooling.

    1. The Filipino Homeschooler

    Engineers Jinoe Gavan and Queenie Sullano-Gavan share their journey homeschooling their son through this blog. Aside from learning tips, they offer free worksheets, activity pages, tracing sheets, flashcards, and other printable resources for free.

    They also have content for different subjects like Filipino, Math, English, Philippine money, the Bible, and Science for pre-kinder to grade schoolers.

    Follow for: Homeschooling tips, book reviews, homeschooling resources and recommendations, as well as homeschooling events. This blog practically has all you need to know about homeschooling! Best site to visit if you’re a homeschool newbie but determined to make it work.

    2. Teach with Joy

    When it comes to homeschooling in the Philippines, Joy Mendoza should be among the moms to follow on your list. She and her husband Edric Mendoza run Homeschool Global, which is one of the biggest homeschool providers in the country.


    Joy homeschools her six children (though her eldest, Elijah, is about to enter college!) and also runs the blog Teach with Joy. You’ll find homeschooling strategies from toddlers to teens in her site, including how to homeschool children of different ages all at the same time.

    Follow for: Tips on homeschooling multiple children. She's also a great motivator — if you feel like giving up on your homeschooling journey, just head on to her blog and be inspired how she's making it work. If she can do it, so can you!

    3. Lovingly Mama

    Maria Sigrid Dugeno-Lo is a work at home, homeschooling mom based in Bacolod. Though her blog covers anything and everything that a mom would possibly want to talk about, she has a dedicated page in her site for her homeschooling tips.

    She writes about augmented reality worksheets, Singapore Math tutorials, and fun activities that could help you gain more knowledge in home learning. Outside of homeschooling, she also writes about raising her two daughters, DIY projects, recipes, pets, plants, and their family trips.

    Hailing from Bacolod, Maria Sigrid Dugeno-Lo posts here in her blog everything – and we mean everything – a mom could possibly want and need to go talk about. Ranging from her experience in raising her beloved daughters, to DIYs, recipes, pets, plants, travels – you name it, she writes it! And yes, that includes homeschooling topics, too.

    Follow for: Homeschooling activities. Mommy Sigrid might have limited homeschooling posts, but she does have content that might inspire you. If you’re already homeschooling, this is one blog to follow if you're looking for ideas on how to make learning more fun for you and the kids.

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    4. The Mommy Journey

    Like Sigrid of Lovingly Mama, Chris also maintains a blog on general parenting topics. In The Mommy Journey, you will find posts on intentional parenting and “purposeful living”, as she says.

    Chris has a specific section for homeschooling in her blog, where she shares her experience homeschooling her two daughters. You might find her content useful if you have any homeschooling concerns.

    Follow for: Tips for first-time homeschoolers. Her homeschooling section is packed with topics like lesson planning, scheduling and routines, as well as suggestions for homeschooling curriculum!

    5. The Nanay Notebook

    Mom Blessie Adlaon's blog (nanaynotebook.blogspot.com) is filled with helpful content that aims to answer all your homeschooling questions. She provides parents a deeper understanding on the questions that surround the idea of educating your children at home. She also shares downloadable homeschooling materials for parents.

    Follow for: If you are still considering whether to go through with homeschooling or not, The Nanay Notebook might have the answers to those frequently asked questions in homeschooling. She can help you decide whether this education alternative is for you.


    Looking for homeschool providers that can help you get started? Click here for our list!

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