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  • Homeschooling in the Philippines: FAQs and Tips for Parents

    Facts and tips for Filipino parents interested in educating their children in the comfort of their own homes.
    by Teachermama Tina Rodriguez .
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    Read on to learn more about DepEd Accreditation, Homeschool Programs with DepEd Accreditation, Validating Programs and Unschooling.


    What about DepEd Accreditation?
    When it comes to homeschooling, this is usually one of the most frequently asked questions. Since the legal compulsory age for school attendance is 6 to 12 years, some homeschooling parents seek DepEd accreditation only when their kids begin grade school. Others only do so when transferring their children to regular schools.  There are also quite a few parents who homeschool all the way through grade school, sometimes even through high school, without seeking DepEd accreditation.

    There are two main ways to get DepEd Accreditation for homeschooled kids:

    Homeschool Programs with DepEd Accreditation
    The first way is to enrol them in an accredited homeschool program. Some of the more well-known programs are the Catholic Filipino Academy (CFA), founded by Catholic lay preacher Bo Sanchez, The Master's Academy (TMA), a Christian school set up by the Christ's Commission Fellowship (CCF),  and  the Living Heritage Academy, under  the School of Tomorrow (SOT). The Colegio de San Juan de Letran in Manila and Angelicum College also offer a Catholic home study program for elementary and high school levels.

    The Philippine Validating Test (PVT)
    The second way to get accredited by DepEd is by letting your kids take the Philippine Validating Test (PVT) from the Department of Education when transferring them to a regular school. This test is also taken by children who go to regular private schools that have not been accredited by any of the Philippine's school accrediting bodies. It is taken per subject per year level. The drawback is it can be taken only once.

    For parents who seek an alternative way to formally assess their children’s education, testing your kids at the Center for Educational Measurement Inc. (CEM) is one option. CEM allows you to test your homeschooled child per subject per grade level while taking the pressure off your child, since its tests are designed to measure academic ability and achievement of students, and not simply to pass or fail them.


    The school of life – What is Unschooling?
    Some parents who choose to homeschool their kids prefer to do “unschooling” which basically consists of letting the child learn from the “school of life.” Emphasis is placed on learning life skills through actual practical application, for example, basic literacy, entrepreneurship and so on.

    Unschoolers usually let their kids learn whatever is most interest to them. For example, if your child loves dogs, you teach them their academic subjects like English, Math and Science based on that particular topic. You can read books about dogs, watch documentaries about dogs, do Math problems involving dogs as subjects.


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