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  • How Career Moms Can Keep an Eye on Their Kids

    Work keeping you away from home? Your constant presence will no longer be required if you do these things.
  • Good news, career moms: A 2015 Harvard Business School study found that children of mothers who work outside the home tend to be more successful later in life. That's a good reason for you to lay off on the guilt trip.

    That being said, being a parent is still your number-one job. And to help you achieve peace of mind while juggling motherhood and climbing up the career ladder, here are a few tips to help you look after your kids even if you're away at work:


    Call for backup

    It's just another work day for you—until your child wakes up with a burning fever. What's a frazzled career mom to do? In cases like these, don't be a solo hero—it's perfectly fine to call for help if you can't stay home. Ask your hubby if he can take the day off or just work from home. If not, ask your kids' aunts, uncles, or grandparents if they can cover for you. 


    Manage your kids' online activities

    How can you make sure that your kids are surfing the net to do research and also keep them safe online? Even if you work outside the home, that's possible with Fam Zone from PLDT Home Fibr.

    It's the country's first online parental control device that lets you restrict access to social networks, YouTube videos, mobile games, and apps; block pornography sites; limit app downloads and in-app purchases; and more.


    Communicate constantly

    How did career moms deal before there were cellphones or even telephones? These days, you can simply text or call your kids to check up on them. Mobile phones are especially useful if you need to remind them to take their meds or to ask them how their day went after coming home from school.

    If your child doesn't have his own phone yet, give him the kid-friendly Smart Watch from PLDT Home Fibr. When paired with your Telpad or smart phone, it lets him receive notifications, calls, and text messages. The Smart Watch also allows you to keep track of your child and even set a safe zone for him.


    Negotiate a flexible work schedule

    Some employers allow parents to work from home a few days of the workweek. It's worth asking your manager for this arrangement. Another option is to ask for flexible work hours, so you won't have to rush in the morning to beat your 9 o'clock time-in. This schedule ensures that you've already taken care of all your kids' needs before they head off to school, allowing you to focus on your work better.


    Supervise the yaya remotely

    At the back of their heads, moms wonder if the yaya is doing a good job caring for their young ones. And since they're not at home to supervise the nanny, this huge question mark lingers in their mind. But just because you don't see Yaya in action doesn't mean others don't. Ask your neighbors, your child's teachers, fellow parents, and other people who constantly see your nanny how she treats your child. 

    Another solution is to get another pair of eyes. Set up a PLDT Home Fibr Advanced Fam Cam home monitoring system. It's not just a camera—paired with Telpad, it also allows two-way communication with its built-in speaker and microphone. You can have a quick chat with Yaya and your child without having to leave the office just yet.

    Indeed, being away from your kids for long hours due to work is a challenge, but with diskarte and help from technology offered by PLDT Home Fibr, career moms like you can have peace of mind.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with PLDT Home.