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How To Find A Toy That Your Child Will Enjoy For Years
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  • It’s almost Christmas and most people — kids, especially —are looking forward to receiving wonderful gifts. You may have an idea what your little one hopes to get, and if you’re struggling to find that exactly or deciding what else to buy, we’re here to help. 

    Parents should be wise and mindful of what present to give. Dr. Amanda Gummer, a research psychologist specializing in child development, and founder of the Good Toy Guide, says, “There’s lots of advantages of making a wise buy that can benefit your child or grandchild, the planet and most importantly pockets.” She gives these tips.

    Find something that will last beyond Christmas.

    Toys bring delight to kids, but as the little ones’ attention span is very short, it’s likely the novelty will wear off quickly. When buying a certain toy, we should ask, “Will they last the course of time or just get left in toy boxes or shelves within days?”Choose gifts that your child will want to play with immediately, and balance it with other gifts that you know they will still want in the coming months or even year.

    No clue what to buy? Check their current toy.

    Observe what toys your children and their playmates play with. Think of their favorites, the one they’ll pick up from the pile without thinking. The one they take with them at bedtime, and the one they fancy enough not to share (hah!). This can often help you decide.

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    Ask fellow parents.

    With the multitude of toys available in the market, and if you only have parenting experience from one child, it’s hard to decide what toy can last until they’re in their preschool years, or older. Ask friends who have older kids — they’ll tell you what worked for them. 

    Consider the waste.

    Frankly, we all would love it if we could keep the clutter to a minimum. Guess what? If you don’t choose wisely your toy gift could just end up there, too. It will be a shame if toys are kept, only to gather dust and later be discarded.

    Value for money. 

    Toys do not always have to be expensive and price tags can be misleading. Some kids actually enjoy having simple objects to play with, such as cardboard boxes. But if you are bent on getting your child a toy, it is important to check for safety and durability so that it can last the course of time.

    What other parents are reading

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