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How to Plan a Fuss-Free Kiddie Birthday Party
  • Planning a kiddie birthday party need not to be too stressful, moms. After all, the end goal is to make it fun and memorable, and simply to give your child and the guests a good time.

    Pulling off a DIY kiddie birthday party at home requires a lot of work, but using a schedule makes it easier. Here's a basic checklist of what to do from three months down to three days before the main event.


    Two to three months before the party 

    Set a budget. Before getting carried away with the details, identify a budget and stick to it. Don't forget to add buffer that's at least 10 percent of the total amount.

    Identify the time and date, and the guest list. Will you throw the party on a school day (during lunch break perhaps), on a weekend, or during a holiday? Decide now and then send "save the date" reminders. Also, make sure the time is not in conflict with your kid's afternoon nap. A cranky birthday boy or girl is a no-no.

    Discuss with your child the kind of party he or she wants to have. Involving kids in identifying the theme lets them exercise creativity and decision making early in their lives. Do they want a Disney-themed party? A costume party? An arts and crafts party?


    Four weeks before the party

    Prepare the entertainment and activities. Do you want to hire performers for the party or perhaps a preschool teacher to conduct fun and educational activities? Get tips and referrals from fellow parents so there won't be unpleasant surprises. If you choose to conduct the activities yourself, maybe some song and dance will do the trick.

    Send the invitations. Make sure the details are complete. Aside from the date, time, and location, indicate if the parents (and the yaya) are welcome to attend or if they should simply drop off their child at your place. 

    Prepare the program. It allows you to track if the event is going as planned. This also gives your guests an idea of what to expect.


    Two weeks before the party

    Plan the party menu. It's time to get your grocery list ready. Bear in mind that you're preparing meals for two sets of guests: the kids and the adults (such as parents and yayas). Try to consider as well if there are special dietary requirements. Do some guests have food allergies and restrictions?

    It's also important to have clean and safe drinking water available for everyone, especially for the little ones. Make hydrating fun for them by handing out Absolute Distilled Drinking Water in 250ml bottles with their favorite Disney characters on the label. You can even make these cute bottles a part of the decor, either on the buffet table or the individual table setting.

    Prepare the master list. The party master list is comprised of the following: (1) the supplies you need on the day itself; (2) the specific roles of your fellow party organizers; and (3) list of guests who have confirmed their attendance. Continue to keep track as the date nears.


    Three to five days before the party

    Clean the house. Plot the areas where the decorations will be placed so you can rearrange the furniture if needed.

    Confirm the guest list. Make some calls and send messages, just to make sure you have the correct number of party guests and you have enough food, space, and party favors. 

    Prepare the cameras and the giveaways. Make sure all cameras are working properly. Double-check if the memory is enough to hold all the photos you want to take.

    Also, avoid last-minute packing of the goody bags, especially if you have more than 20 guests. And why not add a Disney-themed bottle of Absolute Distilled Drinking Water as a way to say thank you?


    The day of the party

    Relax. Focus on the most important thing: your kid having the most wonderful time of his or her life yet. Trust that you are ready for the big event, and that your friends and family are there to support you and celebrate your child's special day.


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