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Girl Power! How to Raise Your Daughter To Be A Cheerleader For Fellow Women
  • A woman’s role in this modern world is a lot different than it was around 100 years ago. Yes, raising boys can be tricky. However, nurturing a girl into a strong and independent woman of the 21st century is an entirely different challenge.

    How to raise a daughter today

    In 2016, American journalist Peggy Orenstein published a book entitled Girls & Sex: Navigating the Complicated New Landscape. She asked the young women of today what it feels like to be them and found out just what they need in the process. Here are tips from the book about how to help your teenager transition from adolescence to womanhood

    1. Let your daughter be her own person.

    With the continuing rise of social media, there is intense pressure for our young people to appear and look a certain way. Our girls usually fall victim to these twisted standards as they are forced to tread a fine line between being perceived as either slutty or a prude.

    Encourage yours to be her own person. If she is to dress a certain way, let it be because she wants to and not for the benefit of some boy or peer pressure. If she is to engage in an activity, may it be because she is genuinely interested in it.

    The unhealthy desire to conform can begin within the four walls of a home. As early as now, let your daughter be — you will be amazed at her beauty.

    2. Teach your little girl about self-love.


    We must always remember the duties and responsibilities we have to ourselves. Teach your daughter that self-love is not being selfish — self-care is a responsbility she owes to herself. Show her that you cannot be a great mom if you do not take care of yourself. 

    If there are some things you wish you could have told your younger selves, tell them to your daughter. Tell her, teach her, and then let her make her own decisions. Remember, your daughter is her own person and not your clone!

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    3. Let your daughter understand her body.

    It’s the year 2020, and it’s time to get rid of the stigma. Sex is natural, it is not taboo, and the ins and outs of it is definitely a conversation you should be having with your daughter. Educating your daughter about the sex can wonders for her sense of self-worth.

    At the time of writing Girls & Sex, Orenstein was also the mother of a pre-adolescent girl. Although she is based in the United States, she did not only look at her experience, that of her daughter’s, or of American teenagers’ when it came to working on her study. She also looked at the experience of the Dutch.

    For the Dutch people, sex for them is openly regarded as a natural and pleasurable act. As a result, both men and women of whatever age feel in control of their bodies and are generally more empowered.

    4. Raise a feminist.

    Being a woman does not automatically make one a feminist. It entails the recognition of equality among genders and an overall sense of humanity.

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    Let your daughter know she will never be any lesser in comparison to a man. The problems that arise from the disparity among genders are often rooted in the neglect of this very fact. As long as your daughter is aware, as long as you help her understand, there is no doubt she will grow up to become a truly strong woman.

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