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  • These Are the Top Activities Children Want to Do With Mom and Dad, Says Survey

    Children from 6 to 17 years old said it they want more opportunities to spend time with mom and dad.
    by Rachel Perez .
These Are the Top Activities Children Want to Do With Mom and Dad, Says Survey
  • More than the toys you buy for your children, it’s the time you spend with them that they will remember when they grow up. It sounds like a cliché, but even science says kids prefer family vacations over toys.

    Several studies have also shown that kids feel stress less when they’re spending quality time with their parents. Family time is also one of the three activities (along with playtime and downtime) each kid needs to thrive physically, mentally, and academically.

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    Activities kids want to do with their parents

    In a survey conducted by an American restaurant chain, 73% of children aged 6 to 17 actually said it they want more opportunities to spend time with their parents. The survey also identified the type of activities kids want to do when they spend time with their parents and vice versa. The survey’s results revealed kids and their parents love to go to the beach and amusement parks together. Playing sports also landed on the top three spots.

    Going to the beach or pool

    Seldom do kids say no to going to the beach. Taking a family vacation has been synonymous to spending quality family time as it’s also a perfect venue to unplug from devices and get your mind off work. If taking even a short or extended vacation near a beach isn’t an available option for the moment (try to make it happen!), many great pool resorts are only two to three hours away from the city. (See here a variety of options for beach or pool resorts.)


    Taking a trip to zoos, museums, amusement or theme parks

    Kids will never say no to a day trip to amusement parks, zoos, museums. These city spots are a hit since they can offer a unique experience on every visit. It also levels the field, both kids and adults learn something on their visit. Just check first if the place you’re taking your kids to is age-appropriate. Some options to consider is the National Museum of Natural History, Some establishments are open for free or have just a minimal entrance fee. Watch for entrance ticket promos if you’re on a budget. (See a list of kid-friendly museums here, theme parks here, )

    Playing sports or playing at the park

    The key is finding what your kids love to do and what’s fun. It pays to be active and to show your child that you are active. If you can stay healthy to have the energy to run after a toddler, you can definitely remain healthy to spend more time with your kids, period. (See a list of outdoor and nature play parks where you and your child can play tag or catch here and here.)

    Eating with the family

    Food is not technically in the top three, but both parents and kids had this on their lists. Cooking together and sharing a meal is also a powerful Filipino way to anyone’s heart. It’s a tradition for some families to have meals at home (aim for at least one) or dinners in restaurants together (no gadgets during meals, please!). The survey noted, though, that kids said they like family dinners more if they were the only ones allowed to have dessert first, allowed to ask questions, or order food for the whole family.

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    Apart from the four mentioned above, the other activities that kids most want to do with their parents include (in no particular order):

    • Watch movies in the cinema or at home
    • Go hiking or camping
    • Play video games
    • Go Shopping
    • Watching concerts or sports events
    • Play board games/card games (See here for a list of best board games or interactive board game apps.)
    • Create arts and crafts
    • Spend time together in the car (driving to school, appointments, extracurriculars, etc.)
    • Do homework together

    But most of the activities parents said they like doing with their children are low-key — a lot of are activities done in the comforts of the home. Many parents said they love bathtime or getting-ready-to-sleep routines such as reading bedtime stories. (Aww!) Similar to the kids, they also like homework time, movie time at home, shopping, playing video games, and spending time in the car with their kids as they drive them around.

    If you go through the list again, the study also proves that spending time with your kids doesn’t have to be grand, expensive, or difficult. The little things count.

    What other parents are reading

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