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Korina Reminds Twins Pepe And Pilar To Speak English In Preschool, No Ilonggo To Be Understood
  • “Wow. First day of school, are you excited?” asks TV anchor Korina Sanchez. Her twins, Pepe and Pilar are now going to preschool and she recently uploaded an Instagram reel of their pep talk.

    The video shows her twins holding each other while in transit to school. Next to them is presumably their nanny and mom Korina sits in the same row of the car with them. Their dad former Senator Mar Roxas can be heard in the video talking on the phone but also saying a few words to their kids.

    “So in school, only English okay?” says Korina.

    “In school, only Ilonggo,” answers Pepe.

    “No you cannot speak Ilonggo in school. They won’t understand you. Kailangan English. Okay Pilar?” explains Korina.

    In an April 25, 2022 interview with Pep.ph, Korina says it was Mar’s idea to teach their children to speak in Hiligaynon. Mar, is of course fluent in the dialect. He grew up in Roxas City, Capiz and is the grandson of former president Manuel Roxas. His mother, Judy Araneta-Roxas, is from Negros Occidental.


    “Yun talaga ang training nila because pure Ilonggo ang nasa bahay namin, including the father, the lola, all the household, ganun,” she said. “Hindi ko sila maintindihan half of the time kaya ako yung natutuong mag-Ilonggo dahil sa kanila,” Korina said in the same interview.

    Preschool peptalk: Bathroom breaks and independence

    “Sa school, wala na si Mama at si Pappi, nasa labas lang kami, she reminds Pepe and Pilar who are seen trying to absorb the information. Mar can be heard supporting his wife in the pep talk and reminding their twins that they will not be inside the school with them.

    “Then when you want to wiwi, you say, ‘Teacher, I want to wiwi’, instructed Korina. Such a relatable concern of parents who are sending kids to school for the first time.

    Pilar then tells her Mom that she would like for Korina to wait outside the school on the “bangko.”

    “Gusto ko Mama, sa bangko ka lang,” said Pilar. Korina’s Instagram comments section shows followers explaining to her that her daughter said in Ilonggo that she would like for mom to wait and sit outside the school.

    In a previous Instagram post, Korina expresses how excited she is that their twins are now school-aged. “Ang mahal ng mga tuition ha!” she wrote in a post about their search for the kids’ first school.

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    From expensive tuition (and it’s only beginning!) to those last-minute wiwi reminders before sending off our kids to school, we feel you, Korina!

    3 tips for preparing preschoolers for school

    Parents.com provides a few helpful reminders for parents who are helping preschoolers adjust to school. Here are some tips:

    1. Be positive.

    Your child will take her cue from you so your mood and attitude is important. “Be calm and confident that everything will go well,” says the resource. “You don’t want to ask them if they’re scared too many times—that might make them even more fearful,” explains Amy Flynn, director of the Bank Street Family Center at the Bank Street College of Education in New York City, to Parents.

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    2. Remind them that you’re nearby if they need you.

    Anxiety in your preschooler is normal. Make sure to remind them that everything will be okay and if they need you, you’re nearby and will be there for them.

    3. Read books.

    Look for story books that explain to the child what happens during school and read it aloud together. Books that explain a child’s emotions will validate your child’s feelings.


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