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  • 'I Make A Pancakes!': Erwan and Dahlia Amelie Cook And Share Family Recipe Together

    Don't wait until they're teenagers to teach them life skills.
    by Ronna Capili Bonifacio .
'I Make A Pancakes!': Erwan and Dahlia Amelie Cook And Share Family Recipe Together
  • When your dad is a big foodie, maybe there's no such thing as too young to cook. 

    Erwan Heussaff recently shared his pancake recipe which daughter Dahlia Amelie made with him on camera. Erwan's recent Instagram reel shows Dahlia Amelie mixing together the ingredients, including butter, sugar, and milk in a big bowl before mixing. 

    “I make a pancakes,” she says with confidence.

    He also helps Dahlia Amelie crack the egg but allows her to touch all the ingredients with her bare hands when necessary (like a teaspoon of orange rind and 20 ml lemon juice), and pour the other ingredients he’s presumably measured beforehand by herself.

    Dahlia Amelie mixes her pancake batter in a large mixing bowl by herself.

    Dahlia Amelie mixes the pancake batter on her own with all the proper kitchen tools–yes glass bowls, whisk, measuring cups, and everything. She recently turned two years old which they celebrated with a Christening and birthday party.

    When it’s time to cook the pancakes, the two-year-old is seen dropping some butter onto the heated skillet and Erwan reminds her that it’s already hot. But he does not keep her away from the pan. Instead he allows her to spread the melting butter with a spatula.

    watch now
    The two-year-old drops butter on the skillet like a pro.

    Erwan takes care of dropping the batter onto the skillet and explains in French when would be a good time to flip the pancake and cook the other side.

    Of course, all that work doesn’t go to waste as Dahlia Amelie excitedly sits at the table and cheers on for her Dad to pour syrup onto the fluffy pancakes the father and daughter tandem made. 

    “Ready, set, go!” she says as he pours the syrup, followed by a big “Whoaaaaa!”


    Three life skills you can teach your toddler now

    Cooking is not just a fun bonding activity between parent and child, it is also a practical lesson. Parenting experts and resources advise that there is a good number of life skills parents can teach children during early childhood. 

    Life skills is defined as “valuable lessons kids will use throughout their lifetime,” by Very Well Family. “But most kids don’t learn how to handle real-world situations until they’re in high school. Don’t wait until kids are teens to teach them life skills.

    1. Meal prep

    Dad Erwan may have gotten Dahlia Amelie off to quite an advanced start, but perhaps we can chalk that up to his profession and interests. For parents who aren’t particularly culinary savvy, teaching meal prep can be as simple as spreading peanut butter on a piece of bread when they are preschool-aged.

    As kids grow up to early grade school years, the difficulty level can increase from using a microwave or oven toaster, chopping up fruits and vegetables, to frying eggs or sausages.


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    Montessori method recommends teaching children to juice a fruit as early as the toddler years.

    Learning how food is made can also encourage a more adventurous palate. “When your 3-year-old plays chef, she might sample dishes she wouldn’t try if you just served them to her,” says Kids Health.


    2. Getting dressed and ready.

    Start with allowing children to choose the clothes they will wear. Toddlers can start to practice decision-making when you ask them to choose between two options, the white or the blue shirt? 

    As they grow older, children can be taught to prepare clothes for the next day before going to bed. Give them an alarm clock that is easy to set and use and make sure their bathing and hygiene items like a hairbrush and tooth brush are easily accessible.


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    Allowing children to dress themselves gives them confidence and helps them practice independence. It may take longer than you hoped to get ready, but try to remember what you’re teaching them.

    Tip: Start by allowing your kids to get ready by themselves, especially on days when you don’t have to rush out the door.

    3. Cleaning and maintaining the house.

    Teaching children the life skill of cleaning the home might not be the most popular choice for Filipino families, but it pays to remember that all adults benefit from knowing how to maintain his or her own space. 

    Start teaching children how to clean and care for their surroundings with age-appropriate chores like fixing their bed, setting the table, and cleaning up any spills they accidentally make.

    Putting away their own toys is another easy task even toddlers can learn.

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