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    What better way to inspire our kids to embrace their individuality but with a little girl who did just that. 

    A little girl named Ainsley has been spreading joy and touching hearts recently by dressing up as a hot dog during Princess Week for a dance class. Yes, a hot dog. 

    While all the other girls were wearing princess costumes, the 5-year-old was dressed as one of the world’s favorite snacks complete with mustard. She even has her own hasthag, #HotDogPrincess, and photos of her have trended on Twitter and have gone viral all over social media.

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    Marilyn Chappell, director of the dance school, Holly Springs School of Dance in North Carolina, U.S., explained to Huffington Post that Princess Week was an opportunity for kids to wear their recital costumes or just dress-up for fun. 

    “When [Ainsley] got there everyone was so surprised but we loved it and thought it was great she wanted to wear a hot dog costume,” Sarah Nativi, a teacher at the dance school, told Buzzfeed. She and fellow teacher Grayson Lamontagne posted the original photos of Ainsley on twitter. 

    That’s not to say Ainsely has something against princesses. “She loves princesses, but she wanted to be original and wear a hot dog costume instead,” Nativi said. “She wore a princess costume underneath it and said she was a princess on the inside!”

    Here's Ainsley backstage after she was invited to open the school's spring recital dressed, of course, in her signature look. 


    The Internet is calling her a hero and a wonderful role model. Ainsley’s costume reminds us all to be unafraid to be ourselves, said Chappell. “We all needed a leader to say, ‘Hey, be yourself,’” Chappell said. “How cool is it that a little girl in a hot dog costume is sending out that message?” Very cool, indeed. 

    And her dad Brandon think so, too. 

    All hail the Hot Dog Princess!

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