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Try This Easy Hack So You Never Have To Lose The Caps Of Your Child's Markers Again
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Lindsey Sale Desormeaux
  • Children have the uncanny ability of misplacing things, even under our watchful eyes. How many times has your little one lost her new crayons, toys, or markers?

    Lindsey Sale Desormeaux, a kindergarten teacher and a mom of two, understands parents' plight, which is why she came up with a simple hack to ensure your kids won’t ever lose their markers again.

    On her Facebook account, Lindsey shares the nifty trick: “It was a true Kindergarten miracle, y’all! Not one cap was found on the floor and not one marker dried out,” she writes.

    “It was also GREAT fine motor work for those little fingers at the beginning of the year learning to cap and un-cap each marker,” she adds.

    Lindsey snapped a photo for each step. It’s actually pretty simple!

    First, line up the set of markers (she has nine).


    Wrap the markers with a piece of duct tape. Make sure to leave enough space on the caps so kids can still identify the colors and put the markers back in the proper cap.

    Seal the top so the markers stay in place.

    The post understandably went viral, getting more than 34,000 shares and 4,300 reactions. It’s so easy, but still very clever. It will make you think — “Why didn’t I think of that?!”

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    Apart from securing the markers so they don’t get lost, this hack also makes it easier for little ones to quickly find the color they want to use. That means less time rummaging around their bags, desks, or  and more time working with their hands.

    Some users in Lindsey’s comments section also said that it can help kids avoid putting the caps on their mouth and biting on it! “Life-changing,” many of them commented.

    Parents come up with the best hacks! Click here for a dad's bottle cleaning hack that's absolutely genius. If you'd like to send your own parenting tips, send us an email at smartparentingsubmissions@gmail.com with the subject, "Share Ko Lang."

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