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  • This Parenting Hack Can Help You Squeeze In A Power Nap On Busy Days

    A ten-minute power nap may be just what you need to re-energize in the middle of the day.
    by Rachel Perez .
This Parenting Hack Can Help You Squeeze In A Power Nap On Busy Days
  • We hope you've caught up in he sleep that you were deprived during the holidays due to late-night partying and family reunions. (If you're trying to make up for being sleep-deprived since you've become a parent, that might be nearly impossible!)

    If you still plan to hit the snooze button every now and then (let's face it, we always need more shuteye than exercise hours), here's a parenting hack you might want to try.

    Mom of four Monica Webber had just come home from the supermarket. She found the little ones in line watching their dad, Mike Webber, Jr., nap on their couch.

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    "He has them doing "realism art" while he "poses" a.k.a. naps. The winner gets a chocolate," Monica revealed. But of course, she knows the real winner in their "game" is her husband.

    "He's the most brilliant man I've ever known," she added. Monica shared that Mike's "nap hack" worked because their kids would do anything for chocolate.


    But Monica applauding Mike for his genius idea —and giving him credit for it — is more than having a sense of humor in seeing her husband napping while on daddy duty.

    The mom of four shared that her husband had come from a 12-hour shift as a nurse in a hospital's operating room. She was grateful for her husband offering and insisting on looking after their kids so she can shop for groceries in peace.

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    If you're worried about safety, Mike is a light sleeper, and their two older kids can easily disturb his art modeling duties if anything is amiss. Monica was away for just 20 mins, only in time for Mike to have a much-deserved power nap.

    "Everyone enjoyed their "art break," and Mike took some stress off my plate while resting his eyes," she added.

    This parenting hack worth a try, along with other snooze-friendly parent-child bonding activities such as:

    • "Who can keep their eyes close the longest?" game
    • Playing Sleeping Beauty (a kiss of true love will wake you up from your long nap)
    • Letting our child paint your toes
    • Waiting to be rescued by your superhero or detective/policeman kid
    • Pretending to be a patient for your doctor or dentist child

    Surely, you're noticing the pattern. Experts say at least a ten-minute power nap is enough to re-energize and go about their day less sleepy or tired Again, it's worth a shot.

    What other parents are reading

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