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    MAKE A MESS.  They love doing it anyway, so might as well inject some learning into it.

    Forget the hands and fingers.  For more fun, let your kid use her feet this time! Put newspapers on the floor and cover it with a white canvas cloth (kacha). Put water color mix on big paper plates and let your child dip her feet into the paint and walk over the cloth.  Encourage your child to make a lot of foot prints, mix colors, and even draw with her toes and feet!  This is to help develop both her gross motor skills and creative thinking.

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    SET-UP CAMP.  Yes, you can go camping indoor at any time of day!  Just cover the windows with a dark cloth or black garbage bags to darken the room.  Put up a tent (a make-shift one will do—use a blanket!).  Put sleeping bags under the tent, put glow-in-the-dark plastic stars and planets, use flashlights to do shadow plays, and read stories. This activity will enhance your child's creativity and imagination.


    MAKE A SNACK. Kids love pancakes. And they love candies too.  So give them a treat and give them both while tickling their creativity.  Start with making happy pancakes! Use the round pancakes as the head, round jelly candies for the eyes, chocolate Nips or M&Ms for the nose, pretzel sticks for the eyebrows, gummy worms for the mouth, etc.  You can also put whipped cream mixed with different food coloring in small squirt bottles and let your child “draw” on the pancake. The possibilities are endless! Have fun!



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