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  • Private Preschools in the Metro to Raise Tuition Fees

    9% of the total number of schools in the metro are poised to effect a tuition hike.
  • pencil graphAbout 67 private preschools and elementary schools in Quezon City and Manila are poised to increase their tuition fees this schoolyear to cover expenses for facility improvement.

    In a news item from, assistant Department of Education regional director for the National Capital Region Rizalino Rosales said that up to 200 private schools increase their tuition by about 10 to 12 percent annually.  He also clarified that prior to any tuition fee hikes, these schools are required to consult with them and present documents to establish that no more than 10% of the increase would go to return on investment (ROI).

    The DepEd still has the final say over these issues.  “If the increases they are asking for are too high, we use the persuasive approach and ask them to reduce the rates they are requesting. We just negotiate it,” said Rosales.



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