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  • Raise an Achiever with

    Maximize your child’s learning and development with this new website from Wyeth.
  • A new website has been developed that serves as a simple and effective guide to help you raise an achiever

    Created together with experts, gives you the answers to the top concerns you might have on helping kids reach peak brain and body performance. Get expert advice, and learn easy-to-do activities.

    Progress On Track is a section that provides a list ofthe developmental milestones of children
    aged 3 to 7 years old. Learn if your little one is developing properly check out the milestones your child should achieve as he progresses.

    Sound Advice is a section that provides helpful tips on how you can make the most out of your child’s learning years. Follow Mommy Melissa on her adventures with little Dylan and find out how she gets advice from the experts around her.

    The site also features handy lifestyle guides for moms: Partners in Progress, which lists down the various establishments that help develop your child’s body and brain from schools to restaurants; and Me Time, a section dedicated to mothers and gives them suggestions on how to take a breather from the demands of motherhood.

    The content on has been developed in conjunction with experts, from nutritionists to neuropsychologists, to make sure that mothers who use the website are assured that with every click, they learn more about raising an achiever.

    To see for yourself, click here to view the site.

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