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5 Reasons Why Letting Your Child Read Graphic Novels Is A Great Idea
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  • Reading is a habit that all parents are encouraged to start with their kids early. While it is common for moms and dads to begin developing a love for reading using children’s books with simple text and illustrations, eventually, kids will want to try other reading material. Books like graphic novels can be a good resource.

    At first glance, it might seem a bit strange to give a child a graphic novel to read, and some parents might not think this type of book will work for their little one. However, reading graphic novels have plenty of benefits for kids. Here are five of those benefits.

    5 reasons to let your child read graphic novels

    Graphic novels are more appealing to reluctant readers

    Some kids might not be interested in reading more traditional books because they feel these seem intimidating or even boring. Graphic novels typically involve lots of attractive, colorful artworks and images to accompany the text, making them more appealing to a young reader. (Click here to read a mom's story about her child who learned to love reading through graphic novels and comics!)

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    Finishing a graphic novel can help her feel accomplished

    Perhaps due to the eye-catching images, graphic novels might be easier to finish than traditional texts. Once your child is through a graphic novel, she can get a sense of accomplishment at having finished a book and even feel confident enough to move on to other books.

    Graphic novels help improve reading comprehension

    Just like traditional books, graphic novels make use of literary devices like plot, character, and conflict to tell a complex story. These books are a fun way to introduce young readers to those concepts and learn how they work together to tell the story. In other words, graphic novels can also exercise your child’s mental muscles!

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    Graphic novels promote critical thinking

    In an article for TODAY Parents, teacher-turned-author-and-comic-book-writer Kami Garcia writes that reading graphic novels requires more than just making sense of the words you see on the page and the art accompanying it. Those images tell part of the story, so readers need to learn how to connect them with the text to figure out what’s going on in the story.

    She can be encouraged to try other types of books

    Again, because graphic novels utilize literary devices just like other books, the skills your child develops by reading them can help prepare her to read other kinds of books as well, according to Understood. If your little one is a reluctant reader, graphic novels might help her see that reading doesn’t have to be a mentally exhausting hobby, no matter what kind of book she reads.

    Want to build a love for reading in your child? Click here for some tips you can use.

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