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Is Your Child Ready For A Pet? Take This Short Quiz To Find Out!
  • Was your young child disappointed when none of his presents barked last Christmas? It may be February, but perhaps it is time to give in to your little one’s whim.

    Having a pet at home can bring so much joy to a family. However, owning a pet is also a lot of work. Before even entertaining the idea, make sure that you, as a parent, are ready to take on the added responsibility. Once you’re confident, look at your child. Is he?

    You know your child better than anybody. There are days when he says one thing, and then moments when he means another.

    Take this short quiz to find out if your child is truly ready for a pet

    1. How does your child feel about animals?

    a. He absolutely loves them!

    b. He likes certain animals, but not all.

    c. He is terrified of animals.

    2. What kind of extra-curricular activities is your child into?

    a. He is a fan of sports and is very active as well.

    b. My child likes activities where he gets to work with his hands.

    c. My child prefers to stay inside with a tablet or computer.

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    3. How often does your child go outdoors?

    a. Regularly.

    b. As often as he can.

    c. Only when he really has to.

    4. How does your child keep his room or space?

    a. He likes to keep it organized.

    b. He cleans it when he can.

    c. It’s a complete mess!


    5. Does your child have chores around the house?

    a. Yes, and he loves doing them.

    b. Yes, but he feels forced to do them.

    c. No, he doesn’t do work around the house.

    6. When things don’t go his way, my child…

    a. Doesn’t mind.

    b. Gets upset, but moves on.

    c. Throws tantrums.

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    7. When your child gets hurt or injured, he…

    a. Knows how to deal with it.

    b. Asks for help.

    c. Incessantly panics.

    8. How much does your child value his personal hygiene?

    a. He doesn’t mind getting dirty.

    b. He really likes to keep himself clean.

    c. He has no concept of it.

    9. How social is your child?

    a. He’s the life of the party!

    b. He can handle himself around people.

    c. He does not like to be around others.

    10. My child is young, but…

    a. Is mature for his age.

    b. Acts his age.

    c. Is childish even for his age.

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    Score guide

    Have you thought about each and every question carefully? If so, it’s time to tally the results. Give 3 points for each a, 2 points for each b, and 1 for each c you chose. Add all of them up, and check out what the score your child got means:

    1-10 points

    If the score your child got is 10 and below, he may not yet ready for a pet. Your child still has some growing to do before he can take on the responsibility of being a pet owner. Work on his areas of improvement with them, and maybe in a year or so, your family will be able to welcome a furry friend into your home.

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    11-20 points

    If the score your child got is between 11 and 20, he might be ready for a pet, but there is still some work to be done. Make sure that he knows what he's asking for, and everything that is owning a pet will entail. Have a serious talk with him. If he is willing to compromise, then bringing home a pet for your child is a possibility.

    21-30 points

    If the score your child got is 21 and above, there is surely no question that he is ready for a pet. You have raised your child well, and it’s about time all of your good work, and he is rewarded with the love of a pet. Go on, you two. Head to your nearest animal shelter now!

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