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  • Why Rica Peralejo Decided To Homeschool Her Kids Even If She Was Scared

    Cost was not one of the big reasons why Rica Peralejo opted to homeschool her kids.
    by Rachel Perez .
Why Rica Peralejo Decided To Homeschool Her Kids Even If She Was Scared
PHOTO BY screenshot from Rica Perelejo-Bonifacio/YouTube
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    COVID-19 remains a threat without a vaccine or effective treatment, and many parents wouldn't want to risk their children's health and safety. This is why homeschooling has become an option for many parents moving forward. 

    There are many reasons why parents choose homeschooling even before the pandemic. Rica Peralejo admits she was terrified to homeschool her son, Philip, 6. But in looking into it more, she was more convinced it was the right fit for both of them. 

    "I was very, very scared at the beginning of our journey kasi feeling ko parang hindi ko naman kaya at saka parang I'm not enough to teach them what I'm supposed to teach them,' Rica revealed. 


    Rica eventually stopped doubting herself. The turning point for her was that once she started doing it, committing to the whole process, she got to know herself and her child better.

    "Eventually, because you know each other better, you've got a better relationship when it comes to your homeschooling journey, you also will open up to a lot of ideas and a lot of materials which you'd feel [would] work for the both of you," she explained. 

    How Rica decided to homeschool her sons 

    Rica wanted to know for herself if homeschooling was right for Philip since it's essential to also consider what her son wants. It turned out her firstborn didn't really warm up to the idea of going to a traditional school.  

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    "My son, Philip, who is 6, doesn't really like to go to school," Rica revealed in her vlog. They tried to enrol him in a school, but "he wasn't ready yet to not be with us every day," she shared, adding that it had a lot to do with the school season and his age. (Click here for tips on how to choose a preschool.)

    When it was clear to Rica that Philip also leaned towards homeschooling, she checked the following:

    1. The homeschooling principle and methodology

    Rica chose a homeschool provider, Our Living Learning, which has values that are aligned with her family's. It uses the Charlotte Mason methodology based on the belief that a child is a person, and parents must educate the whole person and not just his mind. She said it's also very easy for newbie homeschoolers like her.  

    2. The teachers and their competency

    As for the teachers, the mom of two had always dreamed of teaching. She believes that teaching and learning about new things is one of her strengths. Her husband, Joseph Bonifacio, is an excellent teacher as well. Rica was confident that they can be the best teachers for their sons.


    3. The budget allocation

    Rica thinks it's not cheaper if you take into account the materials you need to buy. "Mas magaling yung allocation mo ng budget mo," Rica stressed.

    "Yung perang pwede naming ilagay sa eskwelahan, nagagamit ko siya not only sa materials but even for travels," she explained. The mom of two believes it's better for her son to learn science, math, and other subjects in the most real and most tangible way possible and traveling helps with that. 


    Rica and Joseph often bring their children when they travel around the world for work or leisure. They are currently in Calfornia, U.S.A. to celebarate their anniversary and are also under stay-home orders. 

    Watch Rica's first of three vlogs about homeschooling below:

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