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  • 5 Simple Ways to Teach Preschoolers the Real Meaning of Christmas

    From small acts to big gestures—here's how you can instill in your children the value of sharing.
5 Simple Ways to Teach Preschoolers the Real Meaning of Christmas
  • It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of the holiday rush. But try not to lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas, particularly if you have young children who are looking up to you.  

    Apart from helping them understand the importance of finding joy in simple things, you can also teach them that Christmas is about sharing and caring. Here’s how:

    1. Read Christmas stories together.

    Get a good-quality picture book with a great narrative about the first Christmas. This will allow you to show your kids that Christmas isn’t about lavish gifts and mall sales—it’s about sharing what you have no matter how little.

    2. Play games that encourage sharing.

    Your children are not born selfish. It’s just that at this age (4 to 6), their only reality is themselves. Their concept of ownership is, “Everything that I am holding is mine.” Your kids think that if someone else touches or borrows their things, they will never get them back.

    To curb this behavior, experts suggest you play games with your preschoolers that require them to let go of their toys and allow other kids to borrow. Playing pretend and trying games like pass the ball and relay race may also work. Remember to keep your kids feeling fresh when they're doing these activities with the help of Belo Baby Talc-Free Powder.

    3. Do volunteer work.

    Expose your kids to organizations that aim to help people in need. This will help them see that not everybody gets what they want or need, and that there’s always a way to make a difference. This can also help your children understand that the best way to share and do things for others is when you do not expect anything in return.

    You and your family can join outreach activities this holiday season through your church or community. Just make sure that you prep your kids days before the event by explaining to them the purpose of the activity. Remember to look after their comfort, too, especially since they’ll be interacting with other people. To keep them sweet-smelling, use Belo Baby Cologne.

    4. Practice what you preach.

    Kids don’t always do what they’re told, because they want to feel like they’re in control. Help them let go of their excess toys by showing them you’re letting go of your own things, too. Remember, you are your kids’ best role model.

    Gather items like clothes that no longer fit or that you’re no longer using. Then, ask your kids for toys they'd like to give away and have them put these in a box along with your own things. And as you and your kids choose the things to put in the donation box, keep your and your kids' hands clean with Belo Baby Wipes.

    5. Put them in charge of gift distribution.

    On Christmas Eve, let your kids play Santa Claus by asking them to give away Christmas gifts to the family. You can read aloud the names on the gift tags and request your children to deliver the presents to each family member. This way, they’ll get to experience what it's like to hand a gift to someone and watch their face brighten up.

    It’s never too early to teach your kids the value of sharing, especially during the season of giving. Putting into practice this essential life skill will help your kids grow up to be well-adjusted, compassionate individuals.

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