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    Most parents want to bring their kids to school and personally fetch them, yet we have different realities that sometimes do not allow such, thus, getting the services of a school bus or a school service becomes the choice for many parents.  

    Here are some important aspects to consider when deciding whether to opt for a school bus or a private car:


    •    The distance from your house to the school
    It’s practical to just drive your child to school if it’s on your way to work or it’s at least within the same area.  Usually, school starts at 7am, so getting up a little early will be a must. The travel time to school would give you opportunity to chat and communicate with your child.  If the school is way out of your route and schedule, the school bus is a good option.  

    •    Your household resources
    Assess your household resources to check if a private car would be more cost-efficient versus the school bus.  Aside from the availability of the car, there has to be an adult – usually one of the parents or other family members - who capable and willing to bring the child to school. If both are unavailable, then it’s best for your child to ride the bus along with other schoolmates.

    •    The cost of transportation
    The cost of gas, car maintenance and the car itself are major areas to consider.  Compute the cost of monthly service fee for a school bus against the cost incurred if you would use your car.  If you have 2 or more kids, or have cousins and neighbors going to the same school with your child, then it may be okay to carpool, and have the other parents chip in for the expenses.

    •    Travel time
    The usual complaint of parents about a school bus service is that their child gets fetched so early and gets to be brought home so late.  Knowing that school buses have a planned route daily, you cannot demand for your child to be brought home ahead of the others.  Consider your child’s timetable.  If he could get home relatively early and have enough time to rest, play and do his homework, then go for the school bus.  However, if your child would be exhausted with the wait and travel time, then consider having your son fetched by a trusted family member.



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