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  • It's likely one of those situations that many parents are familiar with. Dad does something, and son wants to imitate him. So he gets a toy that lets him do what dad does (and also so he doesn't break dad's own toy).

    The scenario is similar to the one that plays in the video above...except this little boy actually catches real fish with his toy fishing rod! He had just cast his line into the water, and he gets a bite almost immediately. "Reel it in, son!" his dad says with encouragement. You can hear the little boy giggling as he struggles to secure his catch. 

    One of our favorite parts has to be when the father used the opportunity to teach his son independence, letting him own the entire experience. When the boy asked for his help, he replied, "I want you to do it by yourself," as he instructed his son on what to do. 

    When the little boy finally catches the fish, his sister runs to him to give him a congratulatory hug. With the fish finally in his hands (and it's a big fish, too), he smiles for the camera so that his mom can take a picture. 

    Now that's what we call a precious moment.

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