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  • Match Made By Pros! This Service Will Find You The Best Tutor For Your Child

    They also conduct homeschool consultancies.
    by Rachel Perez .
Match Made By Pros! This Service Will Find You The Best Tutor For Your Child
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    This year, many parents weren't prepared to slip into the teacher role. We are indeed our children's first and best teachers, but there's no shame in asking for help, especially if you need it. This is where finding a tutor may help.

    Sure, you can ask for referrals from friends and family, but we want expert recommendations, too, right? And this finder service says it will do just that — check candidates's background information and professional credentials, which comes in handy when you are pressed for time and you are not sure how to screen tutors. 

    The Teacher Trainers (TTT) started as a service that provides teacher training modules based on the specific needs of a school. It also offers consultancy on curriculum development and homeschooling parents.

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    Finding the right tutor for your child  

    Of their offerings, however, its the "Teacher Finder" service is in demand. Think of TTT as "head hunters." They narrow down qualified candidates based on your child's needs. It's like a matchmaking service, only it's for tutors/teachers and students.


    "As of now, all transaction happens online including interviews and actual tutorial sessions," Jam Mancenido Olaguera, founder of TTT, tells SmartParenting.com.ph via Facebook Messenger.

    Teacher Jam has had 17 years of teaching experience. She worked closely with and trained teachers from preschool to college in both public and private schools. 

    "Some parents request for tutors who supplement the child's current school requirements," shares Teacher Jam. For example, if your child needs to catch up on Filipino or math, TTT can help you find a Filipino or math tutor.

    "We also have partner parents who request for a tutor who could help implement the family's homeschooling programs," she reveals. Instead of you being your child's homeschooling teacher, TTT can find a teacher to do it for you.

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    How to avail of the Teacher Finder service

    You only need to request one through The Teacher Trainers' Facebook page or via email at theteachertrainers@gmail.com. Include the following:

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    • Location
    • Age of child/school level
    • Preferred time of session/work hours
    • Deadline of request
    • Other details or requests that would be pertinent to the job (e.g., teacher should have experience with children with learning disabilities, teacher should have at least two years experience with preschool level students, etc.)

    TTT will look into its teachers' pool or post ads for your tutor/teacher needs and conduct initial interviews with shortlisted candidates or applicants. They will do background information checks, review communication skills, and see if families' or students' schedules match the applicants' availability.

    They will then forward the contact details (resumé and mobile number) of three to four qualified applicants to the parents and schedule interviews. This time, it's the parents' turn to conduct the phone interview.

    After conducting interviews, the parents will be asked to provide feedback and inform TTT whether you want to hire the applicant or not. You can ask to interview more applicants if you like, and TTT will again look for more qualified tutors/teachers for your kids or family.


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    Should you decide to hire a tutor or teacher matched with you by TTT, you are then free to discuss rates and other relevant arrangements directly with the tutor. "Teacher Trainers has no role in negotiating rates as we respect the teacher's current professional fees and the partners' prepared budget for the service,' Teacher Jam explains. 

    You only need to pay a one-time finder's fee of Php1,500 to be paid a week after the first session of the tutors/teachers and the students. After payment, that ends TTT's involvement between the parents and tutors. Parents will be responsible for the retention and performance evaluation of the tutor/teacher.

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