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5 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Date Ideas For The Whole Family!
  • The working professionals of today are so busy that they barely have enough time for themselves. It’s the month of love. What about their significant others? What about their rambunctious little kids?

    Last-minute Valentine's Day ideas for the whole family

    Thankfully, Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year. Although the week may have been full, there is an entire weekend waiting to be spent however you choose. If you have nothing planned yet, here are some last-minute ideas that can make your Valentine weekend this year one to remember.

    1. Have a Valentine-themed breakfast, lunch, and dinner

    They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This saying, however, applies to everyone! Fill your stomachs this day of hearts with Valentine-themed meals all throughout the day. Delegate tasks, and make it a family effort. Start things right with French toast for breakfast, and then keep the love going around in your home.

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    2. Start a garden

    Pre-made bouquets of flowers are commonplace on Valentine’s Day. Why not use the day to get the family into the hobby of gardening instead? You don’t even need a big space to get this done. Who knows? By Valentine’s Day next year, you might be able to put together a bouquet from 100% proudly home-grown flowers. Click here to start your family's gardening journey.

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    3. It’s movie marathon time!

    Here’s an idea that requires almost no effort at all: Stay in, turn on your favorite streaming service, and line up two romantic family movies you can all enjoy at home.

    You can never go wrong with a good Disney movie. If you have seen Frozen too many times to count, widen your horizons and try watching some of these unique flicks that are sure to remind everyone watching with you of the love that built your home.

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    4. Give the gift of music

    We are Filipinos, after all. Music is a part of our everyday lives. If you have someone musically inclined in your house, suggest a jamming session as your Valentine activity. Sing love songs until your hearts are content, and don’t even worry if you do it off-tune!

    If you want to make things a little more exciting, turn it all into a healthy competition. Bring out the karaoke or home entertainment systems you have at home, and don’t forget your A-game. This can last all night.

    5. Have a romantic candlelit dinner

    Intimate candlelit dinners are not just for two people in love. It can be for the whole family. Has your little one heard of the story of how you and your partner fell in love? Perhaps this Valentine’s weekend is the time for you to tell it. Invite your child into your story, and let each and every one of you believe, once again, in the power of love.


    When you are a parent, every moment you spend with your child is precious. It’s a moment you will only have every so often.

    As much as the Valentine season is packaged as a period to celebrate romantic love, taking time to appreciate the love you have in your family is just as important.

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