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  • One little boy got to kiss his crush and there is no better phrase to describe him than "kinilig to the max"

    A clip taken from the South Korean TV show Oh! My Baby shows a handful of kids playing football. While the adults aren't looking, one little boy runs over and hits a little girl. 

    Now that we've seen the whole video, it's clear to us that he did it to get her attention (boys!). It works, of course, because now the little girl is upset (and the little boy is pretending to be as well).

    It's here that the little boy's (very handsome!) dad comes to settle things. It appears that he first tries to let them talk it out (we can't be sure because we don't speak Korean). His son isn't ready to forgive and forget, however, and pulls an angry (but soooo cute) face. He then storms off. 

    The little girl runs to him and gives him a hug. He looks like he still isn't too happy about it as he walks away, but don't be fooled. For a few seconds, the camera catches a smile on his face! 

    When he finally does agree to make up, he gives her a hug back. But not only that, he gives her a kiss! He breaks into a grin and runs to dad. Kinilig na. Mission accomplished. 

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