4 Ways to Raise Great Kids, Backed by Science

Your kids need all the help they can get—from the molecular level to their mother’s love.

From becoming a future world-class ballerina, writer, athlete, or scientist, every child is special and has the potential to succeed. As a mom, it is your duty to help them along the way and provide them with the proper tools, nutrition, and support in their journey to becoming well-rounded individuals.

At their formative years, kids need your support and guidance the most. Here are scientifically proven ways you can support and encourage your children to be the best they can be:

1. Allow them to explore new things.

Though you might have dreams and hopes for your kids, you need to allow them to forge their own paths. Let them try different sports and activities. Find an activity they enjoy and want to learn more about. What they like might not be what you had originally planned for them, but you have to respect and appreciate the individuality of your children. Allow them to show you what they are good at, what their interests are, so your kids can bloom, grow, and celebrate their unique skills and interests.


2. Set a good example.

Children learn more from what they see adults do than what you tell them to do. If you want to raise responsible and kind kids, show them every day how it is to be kind and responsible. Watch what you say and do around them as kids have a tendency to copy your behavior. Teach them responsibility by showing them how you take care of the family pet and allow them to help you feed or groom it. Demonstrate kindness through the way you interact with the house help and the people you encounter outside your home.

3. Appreciate and embrace their uniqueness.

As much as there are general milestones for development, constantly comparing your kids to other children will put unnecessary pressure on you and your children. Avoid making remarks on how they might be better or worse compared to other children. Teach them to be the best versions of themselves and to strive for self-improvement instead of being better than others.


4. Provide them with proper nutrition.

What your children eat has a huge impact on their developing bodies and minds. Because their bodies are still developing, it is important to support their growth with nutrient-rich food. To make sure the meals and snacks you’re giving them are well balanced, read the product and content labels on the food items. For their growing-up milk, look for important brain-building and -boosting nutrients like MFGM, or milk fat globule membrane, and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), to help boost the eight signs of brain development. This combination of precious nutrients impacts everything from your child's problem-solving skills and memory, to their attention span and language skills.

By giving them proper nutrition complemented by the right milk, like Enfagrow A+ Four, you’re equipping your kids with the right nutrients that can help support and enhance their growth and development.

Enfagrow A+ Four is for kids above 3 years old and is not meant to be a breastmilk substitute. To know more about Enfagrow and its products, visit the brand’s website or follow it on Facebook.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Enfagrow A+ Four.