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    What do the statistics show? 

      According to the National Home Education Research Institute, “Dr. Shyers (1992) found the home educated had significantly lower problem behavior scores than do their conventional school-age mates. They also have positive self-concepts.”

    In the study, Home Schooling: From the Extreme to the Mainstream, “the average Canadian homeschooled student is regularly involved in eight social activities outside the home.” 

    Each child’s unique learning style

    In the book, Nurture Shock, Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman discovered that “being disciplined is more important than being smart. Being both is not just a little better - it’s exponentially better.” It’s an advantage to kids if they are given the responsibility of setting their own learning goals and themes. 

    Vicky saw each of her children develop in unique ways with homeschooling. 

    “Triccie was already an achiever, but with homeschooling, I saw her get deeper into what she already does well.” Her 14-year-old is now about to enter a local high school.  

    Homeschooling brought out the best in her second daughter, Christine, 11. “Her involvement in extracurricular activities like music and sports made her more self confident. And this translated into her academics.” 

    Her son, Renzo, 8, is in his third year of violin and enjoying it immensely. “This is the beginning of his foundation. It’s best to start as early as possible.”


    Bev is amazed at the progress each of her children has made: 

    Her nine-year-old son is now proficient with computers. “He knows how to Google, how to make Powerpoint presentations of his favorite cartoons, and he even wants to set up a gadget store called ‘Technology Works’ someday.” 


    She’s proud to share that her daughter, Andrea, 8, won a silver medal in the Philippine Cadet Fencing Competition in 2008. 

    Daughter Hannah, 7, has shown a love for music. She already composes her own songs. 


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